Benchmarking tools

Benchmarking allows us to measure and comparing different performance metrics from our IT platform. Several tools can be used depending on what part of our infrastructure we want to benchmark.

You can try any of the following tools depending of what part of your infrastructure you want to evaluate:

  • ab, http benchmarking tool

IO (disks) performance tools:

See also: RAID

SQL benchmarking tools

  • sql-bench, is a single threaded benchmark that measures the raw speed for some common operations. It gives you the 'maximum' performance for a single query. Its different from other benchmarks that measures the maximum throughput when you have a lot of users. [1]
  • pgbench
  • DBench

For generating load on your machine you can user stress --cpu 48 --timeout 60, where cpu is the number of process to spawn depending of the number of your CPU/Cores.

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