Basic EMT Made Easy

Introduction edit

This course is designed to explain Basic EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) procedures, simply and thoroughly. You'll still have a lot to learn after going through this course. This course is meant to be a kickstart or companion to formal EMT training.

Content summary edit

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood O2 level
  • Pocket Masks
  • Airways
  • Pulses

Goals edit

This learning project offers learning activities to increase understanding of EMT skills.

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  • Activity 1.
  • etc.

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Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection. Reading 1.

Things Needed For Job in U.S. edit

  • Course Completion for EMT-B
  • Pass of National Registry (within last 2 years)
  • Current CPR for the professional rescuer
  • County card- In your state (not necessarily the county you are going to work in)
  • Ambulance Drivers license (if driving)
  • Medical Examiner's certificate (A physical) (needed when applying for ADL as well)
  • Driving Record print out
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting will be needed for County Card and ADL

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