Balance of Payments

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Research project summaryEdit

Research summaryEdit

This research project gives an overview of International Balance of Payments (BoP) and details the components of BoP. It also presents specific case study of India as an example and describes in detail how Balance of Payments work and its effect on the domestic economy.


The goals of this Research project are:

  • Balance of Payments (BoP) and how BoP affects the respective domestic economy.
  • Research the BoP situation in India with quantitative data from open sources
  • Summarize the effects of BoP on the Indian Economy


  1. Overview
    • Components of Balance of Payments
    • Imbalances in BoP
    • Historical Overview of BoP
  2. Current Account Deficit (CAD)
    • Exports and Imports Landscape of India
    • Composition of India's Exports and Imports
    • Major Sources of CAD
  3. Impacts of Current Account Deficit (CAD)
    • Short Term Effects
    • Long Term Effects
  4. Capital Account
    • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
    • Foreign Indirect Investment
  5. Impacts of FDI and FII
    • Short term Impacts of FDI
    • Long term Impacts of FDI
    • Short term Impacts of FII
    • Long term Impacts of FII
  6. Suggested Measures to Control Current Account Deficit (CAD)
    • Merchandise Trade
    • Services Trade
    • Capital Flows
  7. Conclusion and Summary

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