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Viburnum lantanoides

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Profile for Viburnum lantanoides (Hobblebush)
Identifying Characteristics
Flowers:Large clusters of white to pink flowers. The flowers on the outer edge of the clusters are much larger (3-5 cm across). The whole cluster is typically 10 cm across.
Foliage:Large, cardoid leaves are serrate, 10-20 cm long.
Stem:Gray-brown and warty
Fruit:Drupes form in clusters. Red at first, but ripen to black in late summer.
Life Cycle: Perennial
Recent Logs
  • Jomegat 15 April 2009 (estimated date based on when a friend told me he had seen it in bloom. He brought in a sample blossom today).
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Regional data:
New Hampshire: April, May

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