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Corylus cornuta

Corylus cornuta foliage

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Profile for Corylus cornuta (Beaked hazel)
Identifying Characteristics
Flowers:Male catkins, female styles
Foliage:Rounded oval, coarsely double-toothed, 5-11 cm long and 3 - 8 cm broad, with hairy undersides.
Stem:Woody trunk can reach 4 - 8 m tall with stems 10 - 25 cm thick with smooth gray bark.
Growing Conditions:Dry woodlands and forest edges
Fruit:Nut encapsulated in a husk with a tubular extension 2 - 4 cm long that resembles a beak.
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Global data:

Regional data:
New Hampshire: March, April

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Fruit enclosed in husk
Female flower
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This page is a profile for the plant species Corylus cornuta, used to collect records of where and when this plant was observed blooming, and for providing identification information for use in dichotomous keys. If you would like to help collect data for this or other plants, see Bloom clock project/How to Contribute for orientation.