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Acer pensylvanicum

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Profile for Acer pensylvanicum (Striped Maple, Moosewood)
Identifying Characteristics
Flowers:Bright yellow flowers appear in slender, dropping racemes 10-15 cm long when the leaves are nearly fully grown.
Foliage:The leaves are broad and soft, 8-15 cm long and 6-12 cm broad, with three shallow forward-pointing lobes.
Stem:The young bark is striped with green and white, and when a little older, brown.
Fruit:The fruit is a samara; the seeds are about 27 mm long and 11 mm broad, with a wing angle of 145° and a conspicuously veined pedicel.
Life Cycle: Perennial
Similar Plants:Acer spicatum
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This page is a profile for the plant species Acer pensylvanicum, used to collect records of where and when this plant was observed blooming, and for providing identification information for use in dichotomous keys. If you would like to help collect data for this or other plants, see Bloom clock project/How to Contribute for orientation.