Automated Feedback and Interactions

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Introduction edit

Welcome to Automated Interactions and Feedback! This short lesson is designed to help online course developers learn more about implementing automated interactions and automated feedback into online courses.

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You are an instructional designer at ABC University. You have been tasked with creating modules for an online course that typically requires professor feedback for student work. However, your supervisor wants you to experiment with creating course modules that have built-in automated feedback for the learners. How do you go about building this course? What exactly is and is not automated feedback? Are some forms of automated feedback better than others?

Learning Objectives edit

Throughout this lesson, you will gain knowledge on different types of automated feedback, what is and is not considered automated feedback, and how to identify quality automated feedback. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

· Identify automated interactions.
· Describe automated feedback.
· Differentiate between strong and weak automated interactions with feedback.
· Identify the appropriate placement for automated feedback interactions.
· Identify the appropriate type of automated feedback interactions.

Course Navigation edit

This lesson presents course content in the following format:

Page 2, What are Automated Feedback and Automated Interactions explores the definitions of automated interactions and descriptions of automated feedback.

Page 3, What Kinds of Interactives Are There explores types of interactives available to online course creators.

Page 4, Interactions with Automated Feedback will test your knowledge learned thus far with a 5-question mini-quiz on automated feedback.

Page 5, What Makes a Good Interactive will give you a good basis of strong versus weak automated interactions.

Page 6, Test Your Knowledge will give you the opportunity to test yourself and what you have learned.

Page 7, Summary will give you additional information to explore more resources.

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