Autism spectrum/ASD Resources Evaluation Project based on Country

Welcome to this experimental learning resource where by country we will evaluate help options for autistic adults and parents of autistic children based on country. Help will be appreciated in evaluating resources. It should happen in a neutral point of view way. If your country is not included in this list please include it so that this resource can become as useful as possible.

If any one of the countries resources becomes too large or if there is need it might get its own page, in order for more organized information to be available.

This is a gradual project and it depends on the motivation of its contributors. Gradually information is gathered. The gathering process itself might be evaluated. How initial contact is done and techniques of communicating with help organizations etc. The most important is that the project is not just theory but that the project is also a bit more dynamic. This is a learning project after all.

Australia edit

Australia has many different states. Dependent on the state one lives in one might get different kind of help. Some help might be available to all Australians but other help might be dependent on the region one lives in.

Concepts that might be related to Australia or Autism in general edit

Levels of Autism in DSM5

"Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia - Levels of autism: Everything you need to know"[1] describes levels of autism.

They describe 3 different levels one can be in.

Questions about these levels:

  • Can levels change over time?
  • What is the clinical experience? ie. has anybody been diagnosed with one level and later been diagnosed with another level? Can that happen?

Organizations in Australia edit

This section is to learn more about organizations in Australia.

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia edit

To find out more about this organization and what they can help with, one can read their site and/or one can communicate with them to learn more about them either through voice and/or text communication. More work is needed to assess the communication means to go forward.

Planned communication with questions

  • Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

The number A4 provides

Here is a plan going to be done by Oduci with the help of a collaborator who might provide the technical means for the communication:

  • First reading the website, it looks like they provide information to help, ie. in 'levels of autism'.

The plan:

  • Learn more about them by communicating with them

in real time with transparent questions that get published here. Results of communication will also be posted here if they are considered relevant:

  • Opening of communication might be something along the lines of
    • "Hello, I am calling to learn more about your site and the ways

you can help."

If they want to learn more about Oduci

  • "I am not doing paid work but I am developing a resource on the internet to help autistic adults and parents with autistics.

Anybody can help as it is a collaborative resource available to everybody. Wikiversity is a sister project to Wikipedia and other projects. I do not work for them but I am a volunteer contributing content that I hope is helpful."

  • "I am not from Australia but I want to learn more about learning resources related to ASD in Australia and specifically a person who has an autism diagnosis and my goal is to learn as much as possible how to help them in the best way how to get help". My own benefit is gaining knowledge to eventually help other Australian autistics.

This is a work in progress.

Findings edit

They are referencing DSM5 as containing levels of autism from 1-3[1].

Find this quote:

  • "The DSM-5 states that there are three levels of autism"
    • In that quote the "DSM-5" text is a link which will take you to a pdf, describing the 3 levels of autism.
      • That links to pearsonclinical which is associated with the pearsonassessments site. They seem to be a shop where you can order

References edit

[1] - Examining node "2052" (in their URL), specifically the archived version with Wayback Machine ID: 20210324211644

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