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ICTWEB501 - Build a dynamic website edit

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse and design websites to meet technical requirements.It applies to individuals working as web developers who are responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, and testing of websites.

Objectives edit

Elements and Performance Criteria edit

After studying this unit you will be able to:

  • Define and analyse the technical requirements
    • Identify the business requirements and appropriate standards
    • Determine and document, the purpose, expectations and functionality of the website
    • Analyse the user-interface design requirements, including user needs, design principles and operating systems

  • Produce the software design specifications
    • Produce a hierarchy of the website showing navigation
    • Ensure that the content is logical and accessible to the user
    • Produce the prototype of the user interface
    • Determine and document, the architectural requirements
    • Design the data storage requirements

  • Develop the website to the specified design
    • Create the software components of the website
    • Test the components of the website
    • Integrate the components to produce the web application

  • Test the web application
    • Test the website against the requirements
    • Complete and document the design structure
    • Obtain client feedback and adjust web applications as appropriate

Readings edit

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Activities edit

Before you start make sure you've registered and know how to edit wiki pages, then try these activities:

  1. Click on the 'Discuss' tab at the top of the page and introduce yourself
  2. Rewrite one of the Elements or Performance Criteria in the Objectives section in plain language. Imagine that it starts with the words: "After studying this subject I will be able to..." For example a performance criteria that reads: "Work area is prepared to support efficient installation of sewage discharge pipes" is full of puff. It could be changed to read: "Set up a work area for installing sewage discharge pipes"
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  6. For bonus marks, write a challenge and add it to the Challenges section.

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