This board game was developed by Architecture students at the Berlin University of the Arts and published by Spielerei.

DesignerTurit Fröbe
TopicCivic co-operation
PreparationCommercial game
Time2 hours
No. of roles/players4 - 6 players
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One object of the game was to promote the debate about transforming the Ruhr into a Ruhrcity during the Ruhr 2010 Capital of Culture.

The project was run by Turit Fröbe and involved:

  • Tibor Bartholomä
  • Helen Chen
  • Romuald Dehio
  • Anna Feldmann
  • Gerald Friedel
  • Lutz Heilmann
  • Julia Heilmeier
  • Cilly Kurkhaus
  • Anthony Perinucci
  • Sara Serodio

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