Auberge Award - The word "Auberge" has been long forgotten as a name in German speaking countries, however, it originates in the 17th century as a loan word from French: AUBERGE - hôtel from old French - (h)ostel - from the late Latin Hospitale, also used to denote accommodation. This term, used in 17th century France to describe the exquisite town houses of the aristocracy - has now been used by the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG-Berliner Tageblatt for many years, year in, year out as the "AUBERGE AWARD" to describe the excellent top hotels providing only the best in terms of standard, furnishings and luxury. AUBERGE AWARD - as one document, one picture and the memory of ability and performance, a !

History edit

Not only a Song, first the Travellers Interest Yes, yes...the people of Berlin icke - dete kieke mal - pack die Badehose ein (translator's note: the former is a typical phrase in the Berlin dialect, meaning "I see it" and the second is the first line of a song sung by Connie Froboess in the Fifties) The BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG-Berliner Tageblatt has made it its duty to provide interested readers with interesting facts daily whether in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Sunday, Public Holiday, Easter, Christmas and New Year's Eve around the clock making their life more interesting. Whereby today already, one can see: printed news is becoming YESTERDAY'S NEWS in light of the advance of technologically superior paper free printing - and the internet will someday soon the internet will clearly replace the printing industry, since the readership wants to know NOW, IMMEDIATELY what's going on! As a definition, is to quote Emil Dovifat: "A newspaper conveys the newest developments in short regular intervals to the wider public.

Founder edit

BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG - Berliner Tageblatt is one of the leading German Newspapers, a liberal-conservative daily Newspaper - with Trademark Rights of the jointly established Berliner Tageblatt in 1872.

Jury edit

A prize is a question of honour first and foremost; for that reason in choosing the jury, the emphasis was on: - this, that or the other, annually the editor in chief looks for people who have an impeccable reputation, be it as Queen of the World, Queen of Europe, a professor, a celebrity or even the mayor - the AUBERGE AWARD jury is them made up of three people who have convinced the editor in chief in word and picture that they fit the criteria.

References edit

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