Artist Biography Project

The Artist Biography Project is an effort for collecting personal histories of notable artists. This is in the context of the Art+Feminism campaign and the Guggenheim GLAM initiative, with the project to be started by the Guggenheim. There are quite a few contemporary mid-career artists who have almost no biographical information published in secondary sources, which only discuss their specific works and art criticism, accomplishing the minimum of establishing Wikipedia notability, but leaving in the end a rather bare article.

Guggenheim Museum in NYC

Any personal details for a Wikipedia article would generally have to be drawn from a random grabbag of social media postings — as an alternative, we could pursue a project of proper artist interviews that would indeed be considered self-published sources in the Wikipedia sense (in that it is drawn from the artist's own words in the interview), but that would be able to give a considerably more thorough and systematic overall view of the subject.

Spring 2016 edit

Interviews edit

To include subpages of interview transcripts with artists taking part in the project:

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