Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence involves intelligence that is created through computers or other means other than humanness. This area is for learning, teaching, and research related to artificial intelligence.

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  • Can artificial intelligence (AI) be used as a tool for good? List applications scenarios of AI. Discuss ethical aspects that are related to decision making and decision support with AI. Define requirements and constraints of AI application that you could derive from your analysis.
  • Identify areas of application where AI that can assist staff members e.g. in health care facilities to get more time for social interaction and support for patients? What happens if AI applications fail and patients get harmed? What level of security must be applied and who is responsible for that. Apply the underlying concept on other topics like autonomous driving, ...)
  • Analyse the concept of machine learning and analysis of big data! What is the importance (PRO and CONs) of AI in this context in comparision to other mathematical or computer science methodologies?
  • Assume AI is used for pattern recognition in social media data or in general in the context of Commercial Data Harvesting. Provide examples and analyse the possible consequence of false-positive resp. false negative classification of individuals! What would be your response and what would you suggest to improve the considered system?
  • How can the human brain or human mind be emulated using computers? Is it desirable to?
  • What other ethical issues are involved with artificial intelligence?
  • How can artificial intelligence be utilized and created in an ethical way?

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