Art practices/Asemic writing/Asemic International: The Manifesto

  • Asemic International is an international revolutionary organization that unites forces to fight against any bureaucracy, and system of lies and total control, any inequality and injustice in the capitalist world.
  • Asemic writing is a means of de-bureaucratizationand should be used as such. Even today, there is a necessity to use it everywhere: at work and in a rally, while filling in useless forms and answering to stupid questions in written, in the court, jail and even at a mental hospital.
  • Asemic writing is a reasonable answer to unreasonable bureaucratic relationships and unreasonable demands to people of various industries, economic conditions, skin colors, gender, religions, and beliefs.
  • Every worker can become a member of Asemic International. For this, it’s necessary to start using asemic writing whenever they require that you do something beyond your capabilities, that you act against your conscienceand obey to their idiot directions with no questions, that you testify against yourself and/or your relatives and/or your friends and/or your acquaintances and/or your colleagues and/or any representative of the working class just like you.
  • Every participant of DAMTP can become a member of Asemic International since DAMTP partially meets the Asemic International requirements and acts on its behalf.
  • Asemic International announces asemic writing to be not art but a means of revolutionary fight, a means to puzzle all managers and supervisors, executive and judicial authorities, a means to destroy the relationship model of superior-subordinate and capitalist-slave.
  • Valid for the Russian-speaking countries: The members of Asemic International demand that the workers in all the industries be it production or intellectual spheres, the workers of the lowest levels and dirtiest jobs, all the workers whose work is valuable to any extent are renamed from “работники” (note – this Russian word has the connotation of slavery) into “трудящиеся” (note – this Russian word underlines the dignity of work). *It’s time to abolish this marker! Thus, every member of Asemic International is a “трудящийся.”
  • Every child who scribbles and draws illegible signs in response to the teacher’s gibberish is unconsciously using asemic writing and therefore is a member of Asemic International.
  • Asemic writing is a reasonable answer to all populist speeches, all constitutions and all the strongholds of capitalism, lies and total control. It is impossible to oppress and eliminate something with no clear borders,incomprehensible, dynamic, and indefinite.
  • The members of Asemic International understand that asemic writing in the new world, in the classless society of fair and equal relationships with no racist superstitions, with no capitalism, bureaucracy and censure, with no oppression of individuality and freedom, will again become art, for only in such a society the art can exist.

The Manifesto requires no names, signatures, identifications, strict obligations and vows, charges and reports. The ones who want to join Asemic International bear any obligations whatsoever only for themselves. We welcome continuous addition and amendment of the Manifesto stipulations if it doesn’t contradict its core ideas – the fight against bureaucracy, oppression, racist superstitions, patriarchy, phobias, and capitalism. Translation of the Manifesto into other languages and its distribution all across the world are welcome!