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Alytus MetaBiennial 7 (2017)

ÐعŲMп委 (DAMTP) Proposal Version 2 edit

Plans for Alytus,Lithuania Proposed dates: 20th to 27th August, 2017

Accomodation and conference fascilities edit

Funding required for hotel/ boarding accomodation and camping fascilities Food - and cooking equipment

Translation workshop edit

New grouping called "Decent Operation" of which I'm part of will be taking part in the activities. Among other things to be initiated, we propose a translation workshop for a short yet curious paragraph from the book of Roger Taylor entitled "Art, an Enemy of the People" (Harvester Press, 1978, p105).

The head of the (former) Dartington College of Arts - Art Department was pleased to have removed the book in question from the shelves of that historical college in 2012 (he told that to me personally). For that and related reasons, we propose...

To translate the following paragraph into Asemic, other forms of English, Lithuanian, Russian, etc. - and see where it takes us.

In the last chapter, where the author goes on to compare the institution of art with the foundation and historification of jazz, he claims:

"A set of simplifying contrasts help to clarify my meaning. Being white, an encapsulated in New Orleans social experience, was bringing blackness into whiteness, and thereby obtaining some release from being white, but at the same time not being black and remaining white. The project was contradictory, it was to be white, but not be white and to be black, but not be black (all of this from the standpoint of those who were white), it was to bring blackness into whiteness as a whiteness but at the same time that which entered as a whiteness had to be a blackness."

Mural by New Vision, Haiti edit

Alytus Biennial 2017;I'm a painter ,art is my life ,my passion,my love etc. I'm always fine when I take my pencil to draw a piece to imagine where can I start it so it isn't Easy to start but I just let my mind to do it and I'm still thinking about voodoo to make it amazing cause it's my fantastic culture. I'm feel happy when I finished one piece and present it on FB to show all my friends my great skills. All my inspirations come by voodoo history and nature to create new amazing works imaginative this art is means of support food,rent and help also my family. I draw almost everyday cause I believe the painting could change my living condition it's the reason I'm opened an art school in my community to learn children and women how to draw then paint . The great ideas that I've in my mind is to make a mural and collaborate with a lot artists during "Alytus Biennial

Meta-sessions edit

There will be session on Wikimedia - uploading conference material, videos, images, texts Using Wikiversity to write up learning resources And Wikipedia and Wikidata to write up on people, events, places. Data relationship diagrams, maps, network diagrams will be made as we go

Martin Zet edit

I am recently interested in emptying the insides...

so if anybody would be interested I suggest as one afternoon/evening activity - the combined emptying (eating herbs causing vomiting with clysters or drinking FORTRANS or other liquids making everything from intestines to leave)

this could be accompanied by whispering/screaming for the occasion newly invented slogans (if following the tradition in Spanish, if breaking the tradition in whatever language, including the animal ones)--- or some lyric poetry

next morning we could get up very early and go to the forest - stay there for 4 days - drink and eat what we find there and see if it is true that after such time eating/drinking the same as the creatures of the place - we will stop stinking to them and they will start treating us as friends...


ÐعM提п paper and Hypergraphy edit

ÐعM提п DAMTP Paper development /situography : a practical session where participants are invited to draw, paint, collage together, the methods of design and production of previous DAMTP papers produced for previous biennials - as well as the Monstrations will be explained and explored. Material for the conference publication will be collected and collaboratively designed using these methods.

Seance Session edit

Dead Workers Union of DAMTP - as in previous years will commence dead workers unionisation. Communing with dead writers to influence the writing of their texts. Karl Marx will be joining the Dead Workers Union of DAMTP to initiate the process.

Digital Artist Tae Ateh edit

A practical workshop by the Tae Ateh identity looking at collective methods of digital art production

  • Using Open Logins on Social media/network sites
  • how to glitchtext äåaāåæ on different input devices (with URLs) (IRL, srsly)
  • Intro to PolyProject 2.0 ( cf., Monty Cantsin 2006)
  • (2-4 hours timing window ideal) SDaS, ASL, ESL, MOG, FOUR, Partese: a workshop in *backwards compatible languaging*

by Tae Ateh and School for Designing a Society based in Urbana, IL, USA

Wandsworth edit

In 1963 (broadly at the same time he first talked openly about three-sided football) Asger Jorn spoke to a Copenhagen journalist, making the seemingly implausible claim that rather than simply an artist, he considered himself to be a shaman, concerned with casting divinational auguries. Last month we began to take him at his word. Consulting his contributions to the book Mémoires, in which he splashed what appears to have been paint all over a map of London (or was it a form of "drimimancy"?), we started the systematic exploration of the routes that were therefore mapped therein, thus in fact proving his genuine shamanic abilities, given that the drips he made turned out to be an accurate prediction of the future after all, since they ultimately foretold our own explorations.

Having completed the first of three legs of this journey, we can report some initial findings. The journey was eventful, beginning with a chance meeting. It started at precisely the location of a Mr. Osho's self-made museum/educational space on Lambeth Walk, for the discussion of Black history/”psychogeography” in the UK since the 1950s. Having conversed with Mr Osho, we then snaked across the city, before ultimately being led to a sign warning us to exercise caution, because of children playing the game of Wandsworth, with our path terminating in a concealed medieval-style "circus", hidden behind a pub toilet in Balham.

We do not yet know what the game of Wandsworth is, or might entail, or even whether one can say for certain that it actually exists. Although we suspect it may even be the case that three-sided football actually turns out to be simply a training exercise for Wandsworth, a game which has hitherto remained hidden, or masked by three-sided football's more public profile.

If you would like to help us explore what could be uncovered by further investigations into the game of Wandsworth, then we would like to join with fellow psychic workers in Alytus to pursue its developmenT

Strategic Optimism Football, Federation Internationale Autonome des Situlogistes Contemporaine, New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association

Contrubuters/invitees: edit

  • New Vision Art School, Port Au Prince, Haiti
  • Global Networked Labour Union (GNUnion), Turkey/ international
  • Martin Zet, Czech Republic
  • School for Designing a Society, Ilinois, USA
  • Decent Option , international
  • Tae Ateh, international