Art History/Reflections/Alison

Alison's Reflections August 27: I picked out the museum and painting that I'm going to write my flyer about.

August 28: I have almost finished my flyer. I will be done by tomorrow.I found my painting:Starry Night by Van Gogh. I was surpried that it wasn't in the Van Gogh museum and thought it would be a wonderful addition.

September 6: Today we were dicussing the self evaulation process. I realized that i didn't do very well on Historical Context and Citation. I felt like I could've added a little more about the artist and his background. Also what was happening during the time Van Gogh was painting Starry Night. My Citation was also not as good as it could've been.

September 7: Today I found three museums and added their websites to the wiki. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The National Gallery of Art, and The Cleveland Museum. I thought they were good additions to the list because one was well known and the other two were not so well known. I tried to start on the next assignment but the computer wouldn't let me download the flash player that I needed to use to see Richard Serra's work.

September 13: After seeing Serra's art for the first time I was confused. I didn't see at first how this was art. But after hearing and watching the vidoes my standards have changed. I see now that Serra works of art play with our minds in amusing ways to create illusions.

September 20: Coming up with decent questions was really difficult, since we didn't know a lot of background information on the artist or on the stlye of his photography.

September 24: I thought that talking with Mr. Anderson cleared up a lot of the general questions I had about his work. It was a very interesting listening to him dicuss his work.

September 27: I was kind of disapointed with some of the responses William Anderson gave, it was not at all what I thought the answers would be. I sometimes wished some of his paintings had a deeper meaning, othertimes I think that the photograph does just fine without one. I'm confused about the project and what it is supposed to be on.

October 1: I understand the project a lot more now. I'm glad we cleared up the questions we had. It seems a lot easier because at first I didn't know what we were doing. My idea was very percise but the project can be general. I was disapointed.