Art History/Reflections/Alek

Alek's Reflections

August 27--Today I found a painting to add to the Rembrandt House's collection, Pieter Lastman's The Resurrection && I began work on the flyer.

9/7-- I went to to view the Richard Serra exhibition to work on project 2 and see the exhibit online, but the computer doesn't have Flash 8 Plug-in so the website won't work and I tried to download the Flash 8 plug-in but the computer wouldn't let it download. I'm going to research other museums to see if they have any pieces by Richard Serra that I could review. --I went to the guggenheim museum[]to look at Richard Serra's exhibits, but they only had past exhibits which weren't available online, so i resorted to ArtStor and looked through many of Richard Serra's pieces. The one i chose to review was Casting which is a sculpture made of thrown lead. It uses many angles and strong technique in sculpting. I'm beginning the work on my review.

9/12--I was absent in class but I looked at some of the Richard Serra exhibit online. I didn't really like much of his works until i viewed the videos and grasped more of an understanding for the depth and perspective linked to Serra's work.

9/13-- I'm finishing my rough draft and beginning my final version of my review. I need to find a better way to express how i previously viewed Serra and how my opinion has changed since then.

9/17-- My review was somewhat similar to Peter's. Peter expanded on Serra's life growing up and the similarity of his work to other artists.

9/21-- Coming up with questions was a bit difficult because we don't know much background on the artist or the artwork. Although we were able to do an adequate job and our questions are full of depth and curiousity. I'm looking forward to meeting with William Anderson and listen to his explanations on his intricate pieces of photography.

--Mine and Alison's presentation went pretty well. We spoke loud enough and said what we wanted to say. We were well prepared with a thoroughly thought-out script that focused on race and class, the two most prominent themes in William Anderson's work. I'm really looking forward to seeing and listening to the finished product. Mr. Anderson really changed my opinion on things, and I gained a whole new perspective on race and class. I thought racism had improved, and situations had improved, but Mr. Anderson helped me to open my eyes and realize that things are still corrupt, and people are still filled with hatred. He helped me to realize that something has to be done about this, and everyone needs to be proactive, and actually do something about it.