Apply design elements in photography/Frame

We will be concentrating on the specific design element of the Frame. Included in this brief is a range of materials on the theory of Frame. These will help you to tackle this task.

You should have already chosen your subject for photography work in this course.

Please complete the tasks below, BEFORE your small group meeting.

Study the theory of Frame edit

Youtube playlist - Frame

In the Frame series, we discuss the development of photography's relationship to the frame reflecting on the changing influences that have shaped how photographers compose and construct images and meaning. These two are in one playlist that plays the video consecutively. If you'd like to move around the clips - you can go to the playlist button on the left hand top section in the video window and you are able to select which video you would like to watch from the list.

Produce three images edit

Produce 3 images that demonstrate the different approaches to framing mentioned in the theory materials Process your images and ensure each file is no larger than 5meg Send copies of your images and a completed Self Evaluation Report (below) to your teacher.

Complete a Self Evaluation Report edit

The purpose of the self evaluation report is to help you communicate images in words.

Complete the Self Evaluation Report for Frame

Attend your small group meeting edit

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