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Location of Antikythera wreck

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Figure Captions: The celestial sphere is an imaginary sphere upon which all the stars are attached. Though the model is unphysical, it is sufficient for understanding the Antikythera device. In the celestial sphere model, the stars remained fixed on the celestial sphere, which made one revolution every 23 hours 57 minutes. The Sun, Moon, and planets "wandered" slowly along the celestial sphere; the Sun for example makes one revolution every 24 hours. The ecliptic is the path taken by the Sun as viewed against the celestial sphere. The Sun is always on the ecliptic, but the Moon is only on the ecliptic briefly, approximately twice each year. The Earth's perspective of the lunar eclipse is that the Sun and Moon 180° apart in the sky; this only occurs approximately twice per year in what is known as the eclipse season WRONG