Animal Phyla/Loricifera


  • Name Meaning: Corset bearer
  • English Common Name: Brush heads
  • Major distinguishing characteristics: Umbrella-like scales at each end
  • Approximate number of species described: about 122
A member of the Phylum Loricifera, Pliciloricus enigmatus.

Natural History Edit

The Loricifera are marine animals. They live in the sediment between the grains of gravel or other sediment types.

Taxonomy Edit

The Phylum is divided into one order and three families.

  • Order Nanaloricida
    • Family Nanaloricidae
    • Family Pliciloricidae
    • Family Urnaloricidae

Anatomy Edit

The small-bodied Loricifera have a head, mouth and digestive system. They also have a lorica, which is an armor-like lorica which is a protective external shell.

The Fossil Record Edit

One fossil, the Cambrian-era Eolorica deadwoodensis may be associated with the Loricifera.

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