Animal Phyla/Cycliophora

Symbion pandora, a Cycliphoran.
  • Cycliophora
  • Name Meaning: Wheel carrying
  • English Common Name: Symbion
  • Major distinguishing characteristics: Circular mouth surrounded by small cilia
  • Approximate number of species described: at least 3

Natural History Edit

The three species of Cyclophora live on the bodies of lobsters.

They are filter feeders. Adult males lack a digestive system. The digestive system of the females changes to form part of the reproductive system to release larvae.

They can reproduce sexually or by budding.

Taxonomy Edit

The Phylum Cyclophora consists of three species, all currently assigned to the genus Symbion.

  • Symbion americanus Obst, Funch & Kristensen, 2005
  • Symbion pandora Funch & Kristensen, 1995
  • and one other known not yet described

Anatomy Edit

Symbion are bilateral, and sac-like.

The body consists of an buccal funnel, an oval trunk, a posterior stalk, and adhesive disc. The disc attaches the animal to it's lobster host (see image).

The Fossil Record Edit

There is no known fossil record.

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