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Time Estimation edit

Time estimation for the completion of the required material in this section.

  • Lecture = 30 min.
  • Required Reading & Review Questions = 40-50 min.
  • Test Yourself Questions = 30-40 min.

Lecture edit

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  • The Old Kingdom (2700-2134 B.C.)
  • The Middle Kingdon (2134-1640 B.C.)
  • The New Kingdom (1640-1070 B.C.)
  • Egypt in Decline (1070-525 B.C.)
  • Society and Economy
  • Language, Script, Writing and Literature
  • The Egyptian Religion
  • The Sciences in Ancient Egypt
  • Art and Architecture

Required Reading edit

Review Questions edit

  • Outline the poltical situation during the Old Kingdom.
  • What was life like in the New Kingdom period.
  • Describe the administrative structure.
  • Describe the social structure.
  • Describe agriculture.
  • What were the hyreroglyphics?
  • Who were Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Ra
  • What is mummification?

Test Yourself Questions edit

Additional Information edit

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