Problem Edit

First attempts had little design. The team built, tried, assumed too heavy, made lighter. No design, no measurement of weight, no computation and physical location of center of mass, no theory of flight, no testing of lift.

Conceive Edit

Design Edit

Actually design the airplane on a computer with drawing software using some established technique.

Photos of Design Attempt

Test lift (video on lift theory) using the air handling system within a building big rigging a balance similar to the Wright brothers from the ceiling.

Implement Edit

Build the airplane designed. Compute expected lift versus actual lift. Build a wind tunnel if necessary. Build apparatus to measure lift. Compare measured versus the computed center of gravity. Build apparatus to judge time, take pictures.

Supplier specializing in Free Flight kits using rubber instead of bands.

Choose to build airplanes individually and compete against one another or split up building parts of a single designed airplane, build separately, assembly together.

Used hair dryer to shrink plastic wrap.

Operate Edit

Figure out the rules of a free flight competition. Create a mini competition and run it. Figure out the minimal competition that could be staged in 15 minutes or 2 hours for various audiences (K-12), engineering seminar.

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Next Steps Edit

  • Design in 3D CAD software
  • Build many models
  • Build balance to check lift
  • Structure a competition, figure out how to make a sanctioned competition
  • Test various model designs to the point that can predict performance