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Learning Group in the Developmental StageEdit

The AGS Learning Group is in the earliest stages of development.

AGS Learning Group SummaryEdit

  • Project code: AGSLG
  • Time Commitments may range from Minimal to Ongoing.

AGSLG Content SummaryEdit

AGSLG GoalsEdit

    • Of course, not all Data contains Information, not all Information contains Knowledge, and not all Knowledge contains Wisdom. The Learning Group seeks to tease out the Wisdom from the Knowledge, the Knowledge from the Information, and the Information from the Data. The Page "Information Management Using Open Source" includes Understanding between Knowledge and Wisdom, a part of the series so useful that the Learning Group will add it to the Work. For now, we will refrain from suggesting that "Not all Knowledge contains Understanding." as we are now compelled to consider the relationships between Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.

AGSLG a Collaborative Writing GroupEdit

  • The AGS Learning Group is involved in collaborative writing based on readings chosen by consensus. In this way the Group seeks to understand the material it undertakes, providing a springboard for those who later arrive to rapid acquire the "advanced" understanding which the Group is able to achieve. Thus the collaborative work of the Group guides Participants who follow to transform Data into Information, Information into Knowledge, and Knowledge into Wisdom more quickly than would have otherwise been possible. Thereby we expand and apply Thought to the constant and continual improvement of the Wikiversity, of Wikipedia Articles, to the writing of Wikibooks.

Learning MaterialsEdit

  • One may also read about the Wikiversity:Learning model. Steps should focus on learning activities for Wikiversity participants wishing to improve their grant acceptance ratios. This Learning Material in the Learning Projects can be used by multiple projects.

For example, the Research Project proposal has many elements in common with Research Grant Application. We will therefore co-operate with other departments and use the same learning resource.

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Texts / ResourcesEdit

Steps ("Lessons")Edit

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  • Activity 1: ...
  • Activity 2: ...
  • Activity 3: Building on previous knowledge


Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection.

  • Reading 1.
  • Study guide:
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Each activity has a suggested self- and group-assessment.


Additional helpful readings include:

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Active participantsEdit

Active participants in this Learning Group

Inactive participantsEdit

  1. Dionysios (talk), a Participant in the Wikiversity School of Advanced General Studies, Date: 2007-06-08 (June 8, 2007) Time: 21:48:01 UTC

AGSLG a Contributor to the Wikimedia CommunityEdit

AGSLG a Participant in WikipediaEdit

  • The AGS Learning Group is improving Wikipedia entries based on information learned from its readings and discussions. The AGS Learning Group does not anticipate completing its learning objectives, but rather anticipates being ongoing in its endeavors, from time to time writing Wikibooks based on what is being learned in the Group. These Wikibooks are then to be used in future Groups who decide to study the same subjects, and it is anticipated they too will perhaps again improve upon these Wikibooks based on what they have learned using sources the earlier Groups did not use.

AGSLG a Wikiversity Learning GroupEdit