Advanced elasticity/Specific heats of thermoelastic materials

Relation between specific heats - 1 edit

For thermoelastic materials, show that the specific heats are related by the relation


Recall that



Also recall that

Therefore, keeping constant while differentiating, we have

Noting that , and plugging back into the equation for the difference between the two specific heats, we have

Recalling that

we get

Relation between specific heats - 2 edit

For thermoelastic materials, show that the specific heats can also be related by the equations

We can also write the above as

where is the thermal expansion tensor and is the stiffness tensor.


Recall that

Recall the chain rule which states that if

then, if we keep fixed, the partial derivative of with respect to is given by

In our case,

Hence, we have

Taking the derivative with respect to keeping constant, we have




Again recall that,

Plugging into the above, we get

Therefore, we get the following relation for :

Recall that

Plugging in the expressions for we get:


Using the identity , we have

Specific heats of Saint-Venant–Kirchhoff material edit

Consider an isotropic thermoelastic material that has a constant coefficient of thermal expansion and which follows the Saint-Venant–Kirchhoff model, i.e,

where is the coefficient of thermal expansion and where are the bulk and shear moduli, respectively.

Show that the specific heats related by the equation


Recall that,

Plugging the expressions of and into the above equation, we have