Adobe Photoshop/Background Removal

Background RemovalEdit

In Photo editing a fair amount of what people do on a daily basis is removing the background of a picture or image. This can be accomplished many ways, but this lesson discusses only 4.

Easy MethodsEdit

2 of the easiest ways to remove a background are using "wizard" tools and using the lasso tool.

Wizard ToolsEdit

Wizard tools are very useful if you want to remove the background of something with a solid background. Lets say we want to remove the blue background of the following image:
First, get out the magic wand tool. It can be found next to the lasso tool and below the move tool. Then look at the background. If it is 100% one color, set the Tolerance to 0 (If you don't know what that means, please refer to the basics tutorial) Otherwise, set it slightly higher (use this method only on solid or mostly solid backgrounds)