ATP mentor training/Utopia projects

Utopia projectsEdit

Discussing utopiaEdit

A mentor can discuss aspects of a utopian society with his protégé. Discussion can also begin with fictional scenarios if mentor and protégé can agree on a fictional scenario as the background. As a mentor you can use Socratic debate to challenge the proposals of your protégé. The goal is of course not to refute the proposals in general but to provide motivation for further thought. Utopia may be more interesting than discussing politics of the day because it allows more freedom of thought.

Interesting questions are if the utopian society would work and if and how the protégé would meet the needs of the utopian society he envisions. Meeting the needs of an utopian society may usually require discussion of the categorical imperative.

  • In a society without schools, which education would the protégé willingly pursue without external motivation?
  • In a society without money, which professions would the protégé be willing to work in without further motivation?

Projects for the protégéEdit

Are there things that can be learned from the discussion? What aspects of what has been deduced can be applied today? As a mentor you can agree with the protégé on projects or behavior patterns that work towards goals that have been identified as desirable.

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