8th Grade Honors Literature

Course GoalsEdit

I have designed this course to be a 9th grade literature class without the grammar part of it. Therefore, you will be doing 9th grade course work. This Course is based off a typical New Jersey High School, Grade 9 English Course.

People of any age may join this course.


For Each a Unit a test or essay will be assigned. A final exam will be given at the end of the course. Assignments will be given on Wednesday and due the following wednesday by 11:59 PM. It is reccommended that you keep notes on your reading. It is the students responsibility to provide themselves with the neccessary readings.

Note- Prentice Hall Literature Gold Edition is the textbook I will be using for this course. It contains all the readings except To Kill a Mockingbird. If you can't get this book most of the short stories and poems are available online and the novels are available at most library's and bookstores.

Lesson PlansEdit

Unit One Romeo and Juliet

Unit Two Poetry

Unit Three Novel- Great Expectations

Unit Four Short Stories

Unit Five The Oddyssey

Unit Six Novel -To Kill a Mockingbird.