3D Scan of Sculpture
3D Laser Scanner e.g. for interior of a room



3D Scan creates a digital representation of an observed threedimensional object. The resulting digital object of the observed object has also 3 dimensions i.e. can be handled in with software in a threedimensional coordinate system.

Learning Modules


There a different options to create digital 3D object from an observed real world object.

3D Scan with Digital Camera


An ordinary digital camera can be used to create a 3D point cloud of large buildings with multiple images as input and the application of the OpenSource software Regard3D

    • Digital Camera with information about lens properties
    • Software: Regard3D
    • Theoretical Background: Photogrammetry
    • Example:
Source Object 3D Model
Karlsburg Durlach - Germany
Regard3D - Generate 3D Model with just 14 images from different angles from the ground (no drone images) without the cleanup of the 3D mesh

Drone Mapping & 3D Scan for Digital Elevation Model


Scan a large part of the landscape and create a 3D point cloud or digital elevation model (DEM) as 3D Scan of the landscape.

3D Scan with Kinect

Kinect Sensor
3D Scan of an Object

Kinect and Makerbot - this includes also the printing with a specific product

  • Devices: Kinect for 3D Scan and Makerbot for printing

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