3D Modelling/Projective Geometry

Painting with perspective lines
Perspective Drawing in GeoGebra
Projections of a box on a mirror

Introduction edit

In this learning module about productive geometry we consider a special application of projections in mathematics, that project a three-dimensional space onto a two dimensional plane. A snapshot with a camera is such a projection, that maps vectors in a three-dimensional space   onto the image as a two-dimensional space  .

Learning Task edit

  • (Art) Explore, when art discovered a geometrical approach to create paintings that respect construct geometrically the size of objects that appear to smaller on the canvas, if they a far away (see also Perspective Drawing on Mirror).
  • (Perspective Drawing) Perform the small course of creating a perspective drawing of a box as a projection of the 3D object on a mirror.
  • (Mathematics) Explore the concept of Projective Geometry in general. How does projective geometry generalize the approach of creating a two-dimensional image of objects in the three-dimensional space.

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