2D Animation/Animated Avatar

An animated Avatar is an animation that is used for a specific process that the individual performs.

History edit

This learning resource was started in the context of using low bandwidth usage for video conferencing. The basic ideas was developed in the context of substainabiliy. Streaming a video requires more energy than using an animated avatar. In comparison to a pure audio connection an animated avatar is showing who is speaking. In a lecture or seminar it is sometimes not necessary to have a live stream of the person who is speaking but it helps to have a visual image about person who is speaking.

Learning Task edit

  • (Video conferencing) Analyze Open Source video conferencing e.g. BigBlueButton or Jitsi how a video stream is encoded and calculate the consumption of bandwidth with 40 clients have switch on the camera.
  • (Bandwidth) Explain why bandwidth is a collaboratively used resource and describe how a reduction data transport contributes to a reduction of energy consumption. Compare a streamed video and used network components with a locally played video.
  • (Comparision Image) Also an image can be used to have a visual impression about a person who is speaking. An animated avatar with two GIF-animation for talking and silence, will be shown according to sound in the audio stream. What are the challenges and constraints for such an approach? (silence detection in the audio stream) What is the benefit and drawbacks of such an approach in comparision to a static image?

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