123D Basics tutorial

Subject classification: this is an art and design resource.

Overview edit

This tutorial will introduce the basics of the "123D" 3D drawing software. You will be learning the fundamentals of 123D as you create a 3D model of a house.

Lets get started edit

1. The first step that should be taken whenever you are going to use 123D is to CHOOSE THE UNITS OF MEASUREMENT. Look down at the bottom right corner of the screen, there you should see a bar with the centimeters abbreviation(cm). The units will start in centimeters by default. Click on the "cm" and a list of options will appear. For this tutorial, keep the units in "cm".

2. The next step is to begin the drawing. On the top of the screen you will see a bar with multiple symbols. The two you will be using through this tutorial are the two on the left, The pencil symbol (labeled "sketch") and the box symbol (labeled primitives).

3. To begin the drawing, click on the Box symbol and choose the Box option. When you do this, three grid axis will appear. Drag the mouse over the bottom axis. This will allow you to create on that axis. Next, you could either click on the grid you wish the first corner to be, or just type in the coordinates. Whichever you choose, start the box at (6,6), and make the box 8cm by 8cm. I would recommend typing the coordinates. Now that the base is established, the program will ask you to "extrude" the box. This just means adding the third dimension to create the box. Extrude the Box 8cm.

4. Next, we'll create the roof. To do this, select the Box symbol and choose the box option again. Start the box on top left corner of the top surface of the already created box, and drag across to the bottom right corner. Extrude the box 4cm.

5. Next, right click any edge of the new box, at the bottom of the options scroll over "solid features", and choose "chamfer." Chamfer the edge 4cm. Repeat this for the edge on the opposite side.

6. Now to draw the garage. Using the steps I gave previously, create a box on the left side of the house so that they share the same base. The box should be 5cm by 8cm by 7cm so that the 8cm side should border the house.

7. Draw a roof on the garage as before, but chamfer the edges 2cm.

9. Now, you will learn how to "extrude" in order to create a space for the cars to park in the garage. Go to the top bar and click on the sketch option, and choose rectangle. Slide the mouse over the front of the garage and, starting at the base of the garage, 1cm from the border of the house, create a rectangle on the front surface of the garage (by clicking and dragging).

10. Finally, right click on the rectangle you made and click on "extrude." extrude the rectangle -7cm. Make sure it is negative. Now you're done!

11. After creating this house, you know how to build just about any basic polygonal object.