Wright State University Lake Campus/2016-1/Phy1120

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Exam Schedule

  • Wednesday tests: 27 Jan  | 24 Feb  |  23 Mar  |  13 Apr
  • Final exam: 10:15-12:15 Monday, April 27, 2016

Course Materials

Projects edit

Bell's theorem edit

Hooke's Law edit

Three of you will be using spring scalses to collect data to reproduce the graph at File:Force versus strain 0.512 gram per meter string.png. Photograph your efforts. You may refer to, but will not be asked to write into Physics and Astronomy Labs/Hooke's law and Young's modulus. The effort is divided into two projects: Lakeratatat will develop a journal article, and the others will be doing the experiment. Each of you is permitted (but not required) to participate in the "other" projects.

Boyle's Law lab edit

Develop page at Gases and gas laws/Boyle's law lab by writing detailed instructions at the top of the article. Photograph your steps, and write the instructions on the first section of the page, which I have reserved for you. Later, we will deal with the calculation of pressure.

Roster edit

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  2. Maopageantgirl T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
  3. NM96 T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
  4. CRS1965 T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}