Gravitational waves - The new formation of matter, under the consideration of Postmodernist perspectivesEdit

What kind of sustainable thinking pattern can we abstracted, from this huge discovery, to suggest tertiary education ?Edit

It's about a draft for TimeEdit

A small talk: There have already been a great amounts of famous people having talked about Time. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, what can a little common Postgraduated learner think about this topic? Yes, my educational backgrounds are about Educational psychology, philosophy, research and fine-arts practices. But, scientific thinking ways and mathematics didn't close the doors to me. During my oversea study, those thoughts have been repeatedly appearing from my minds. Then these thoughts were put into notes into the draft of my notebook when travelling from Newcastle to Scotland in UK. I still wanted to pick them up and volunteering share here. I am hoping they will be helpful for your learning, teaching and working. Thanks! And, if some parts can be developed by you in your own practices and subjects, it will be my big pleasure. Sorry, currently, I felt my power is so small and weak. I feared one day these fragments of memories would get lost. Yeah, during that period, I was forcing myself think them always in English; then, I found bilingual way can also give some supplements of each sides; thereby, I have been insisting on doing so till today. I have learned English and Chinese from my childhood and with some intensive enhances after so many times. Indeed, more than one years' Wiki-life has helped me to keep and develop them. Therefore, I need to build my confidence with many supports, but my heart still feared about being misunderstood and looked down. Therefore, I will try my best to recover notes from this draft and what meanings behind them what I would like to express. In the future, I also hoped fate can give me a period to deeply modify the languages, and grammars I will have used. I am hoping they are fine. In short, thanks to my university, thanks to my peers, thanks to my family members, thanks to my team, and thanks to that trip to Loch Lomond I will begin to collect notes!

Notes collection for that post-life: 1. (Temperature: 17 Time 8:16 Extra: getting to the coach, weather isn't so cold, a little bit dark, no so many people on street. Newcastle hasn't been awoken up on this Saturday; Internal: full and good energy) - This piece may be my self-reflexivity of both physics situation and my mental feelings, which were all attached upon one Time point with the date lost. I forgot whether I was single, or with parents, or other peers. However, there, I would have to give my Time a motivation, which made it not to be felt so long as lonely imaginations. Yes, there is a debate between the real Time and mental Time, which we can review some introductions from Wikipedia, especially in the philosophy part. ( ) 2. (Time is not a single dimension but a portfolio (mechanism), which contents several sub-facts. Currently, why did natural sciences, cosmos come across some problems in explaining anti-matters, the situation when can items get to the speed of light and how the supplemental anti-materials can exist with the normal ones, and whether or not anti-material universe is existing? The only reason I can give is that we mistakenly recognized Time's nature, as only one dimension.) - Oh, mother usually told me: Jason, these are crazy words, don't tell anyone else. But, if thoughts were growing as seeds from the bottom of hearts, how can you keep them as only seeds there? they have some desires to grow further, as Time's going on. 3. (Afterwards, how can you understand time?) - I am naturally a teacher and a learner. Plenty subjects told me self-dialogues can help you relax from certain stress in mind and make your time not difficult to be taken. That's why I like to do so. I found firstly, it was a self-defence of loneliness; secondly, it can make things much clearer in your mind and in your life; thirdly, it can help you to see more beautiful landscapes about your future, rather than pushing yourself in one corner; 4. (T = L*E*? + b → T is standing for Time) - this is my main equalization, which summarized both subjective motivation and objective effectiveness. Indeed, it was not with a real liner-liked shape, but the tendencies of which can be frequently influenced and controlled. Some parts, such as 'Relativistic time versus Newtonian time' and 'Arrow of time' in Wikipedia introduction, can gave a proof that formers have tried to touch here. However, they are separated with each other - someone denied it somehow can be in liner, meanwhile, some others denied it can chaotically changed by subjective factors or objective factors. I think: if drawing them together, this equalization can give a common's recognition. In Glasgow, I used to think it can be changed as a curve or a circle, or even some balls, depending on the practical meanings required by frequently giving values to the four sub-factors. This equalization gave both animals and no-life matters the same equalization existing and upon Time portfolio, which an old school - animism has already given some suggestions. Though, it was standing on the beginning point. Some introductions from Wikipedia can give some proofs: Indeed, during that period, I haven't touched these pages, but what have already been growing from my mind-sea.; 5. Further explanations from the draft:

<1> (L: The longitudinal occupying and extending of item's situation upon time. How could us understand it? Separating it from other facts, the objective or subjective items (matters or spirits) usually are naturally lasting and occupying sometime when they are taking some events or merely in their stable existing situations, they own. This natural lasting can be felt and recognized, which has some influences to their environments surrounding. This naturally lasting & occupying hasn't been being influenced by other facts, but from nature, which is as the core of Time usually being fixed and being measured by some instruments in the societies of human beings. 

<2> (E: The effectiveness and ability of one item when taking one event, such as speed and productivity etc. This factor-letter is focusing on its self-reflexivity of taking this procedure in its situation. Another sub-dimension is effectiveness. How could we understand it? The universe if emergence. Everything, no matter objects, subjects and mixed matters. They all have their own ability to take some procedure by following some rhythm step by step. They can make senses of it, can manufactural control and change it, can review locate and return back it. This is one changing variable. Alongside nature sciences and social sciences' improvements, the average effectiveness's controllability can be improved, which gave different creatures the possibility to dig their own 'Time-channels' or 'wormholes' in this universe. I thought the division of this variable from Time's core can make a very remarkable improvement for the human beings' society, the reason of which is that we can improve the average effectiveness of multiple-disciplinary subjects to man-making and even 'pretending' the past to the post; meanwhile, creating the future by getting away other unnecessary barriers from internal and external confusions. In religion, it is the likelihood given by God as the road to Eden implicated after Babel's destroy. God love people. That's from outside. From internally, in philosophy, Post-Marxism’s 'productivity determines productive relationships, as the universal principle in 'systematically contradictions' theory' and Critical Realism's hierarchical functional theory can all give some proofs positively')


Question came from my personal empirical background:Edit

Currently, in the realistic postmodernist 'channel' of myself (one term from my academic belief - Postmodernism with Post-Marxism and Post-Christianity theology as two sub-branches), from Participant-observations of my life, I found: from Newspaper, to online-news and academic researches, 'Gravitational waves' has become a very fashion word discussed by various groups including governments; experts from cosmology, space-technological physics, and astronomy; and universities' scholars, researchers, lecturers and learners. In our Wikipedia, there was very exact, careful and charitable knowledge introduced to the globalized words, which warmed my heart. Thanks for everyone's hard-working: Though I am not an expert from the relevant fields, or a positivist guy being good at mathematics, and sometimes my growing Postmodernism is a little bit near interpretivism in this stage; towards this phenomenon, I still desired to take a little bit talk from my transcendentalist philosophically portfolio-root , in order to help tertiary educational explorers make some senses in our own multiple-disciplinary and multiple-dimensions 'channels'. If there were some faults, misunderstandings, bilingual and cultural barriers in details caused by my knowledge limitations , please forgive my innocence and feel free to talk to me and discuss here. If it can give you some interests of academy and researching, it will be my pleasure. Thanks very much! In addition, this is my first time to write articles in terms of Wiki. Therefore, I have been thinking for long time what category this writing should belong to. Finally, after researching plenty information, I thought this category might cover what I want to say. If you found some problems I thought wrongly, please also feel free say to me! Thanks.

The philosophical identification of Gravitational wave's nature and propertyEdit

Based on the knowledge I can search and my own understandings accordingly, the hypothesis I reasonably make, about this matter: Gravitational wave should be one special formation of power's transmitting and losing, which the nature is similar to the light wave in spectrum (, sound wave in scale (, electromagnetic wave in the table of magnetic-frequency ( and mechanics wave in micro-cosmos ( The differences merely root in one difference - the properties of energy-originations quantitatively having been taking the space-times are different, then, accordingly, the frequency, range and efficacy have been varying differently. How could us understand these phenomena? Their naturally producing pathways are the same: everything, who occupies multiple-dimensions space-time of universe; meanwhile, the powers of them all press and bend(curve) the spaces-times on different level. From some degrees, the powers which they have been transmitting and losing surrounding, will have been making the frictional interactions with spaces-times and distributed covering different levels. In other words, their powers integrating with their masses in mechanism have been relatively penetrating into the universally multiple-dimensions spaces-times, making some changes, and breaking the unifications of our theoretical universe (to outside). Oppositely, in Grand Relativity, spaces-times want to hold their changes caused by matters' mechanism-occupations. On one side, matters wanted to 'take and get out'; on the other side, spaces-times want to 'hold them back' in their stable dimensions occupied. There have been being the 'frictional interactions' reflected out both as matters' energy-losing and as spaces-times curving (they are two sides of one contradiction dialectally and relatively unified together). Why should the energy-losing be like waves? In universal distributing degree of everything, waves - this kind of formation reflect spaces-times (to matters)' 'staged stability (holding) - staged penetrating (crossing) - repeatedly' continuingly processing out. Following them, the density, capacity of matters; the frequencies, ranges, speeds of waves have been varying in certain quantity. I have heard that the significant Gravitational Waves have been observed in a system in which two black holds orbiting, and finally joining together. I want to talk a little bit about black hole: from white dwarf, alongside the decrease of the volume but the increase of the quality, the power of its mechanism have been increasing. Then, the instability of this matter, to our universe, has been improved; meanwhile, its ability of penetrating spaces-times has been improved. In other words, it began to penetrate our universe and attempted to dig one 'channel' to outside, of which certain power has already been sending outside, through its 'channel' outside by overcoming the frictional interactions' stably holding back made from spaces-times, however, some still has been kept as light waves or other formations observed by us. Alongside this analysis, when it comes to black holes, you know, they have already dug out the 'channels' to outside. A great amount of power has been successfully overcoming the barriers from spaces-times and sending out. Therefore, the ordinary formations, such as light waves (staged keeping and staged penetrating, then repeatedly) as its power-losing& transmitting cannot been observed, but some specials (as Gravitational waves with very slow frequency and large range - very very little power blocking by the unification of spaces-times of our this universe; it also might be some power cover sound scale level, or even lower )

The practical Functions of Gravitational Waves we can identify and shift, for multiple-disciplinary theoretical constructions and discoveryEdit

Associating us to make the observations of and locations of matters including Dark matters and Black HolesEdit

1. Theoretical application for identifying the white-dwarf-upon matter's property till binary black-holes system observational pathway's operability:

As the theoretical analysis made in the session above, alongside matter's 'channels' were digging out throughout the multiple-dimensions of our universe, the power and capacity of matter's mechanism has been dramatically sent out; oppositely, the unification of spaces-times surrounding the matter has been continuously breaking out. Afterwards, it is almost the power of light waves can not be visibly observed. That is why Dark matters ( and Black Holes ( made human beings - us so hard to observe: a great amount of power has already lost in our universe, other part left cannot relatively staged being hold (this is what we can making senses) - staged penetrating - repeatedly as waves sending to us. How could us deal with these situations? Americans have found one two-black-holes system - the two black holes have been orbiting with each other, and finally joining together, meanwhile, sending out Gravitational waves and being heard by our 'tools'. That's right. When our instruments can not accepted the higher and fast visible waves as lights. Why not should us change our thinking patterns to research some slower frequency and larger range waves to associate us locating the matters, which deeply expressed some implicitly frictional interactions between the matters and spaces-times on the mechanisms' levels. It is to say that:'If we cannot see, we can hear.' Reasoning it furthermore, we might can also be locating some lower level dark matters smaller than black hole, by carefully identifying the information and data from sonar or some equipment, which can help us to 'hear' the waves. Indeed, they have heard the 'deep' expressions of the interactions between the two black holes, which acceleration-ably curved spaces-times in invisible situation long-long-long before, and of which the very small power of the mechanism transmitting out, having been overcoming huge barrier from spaces-times, then passed to us.

Following the reasoning analysis above, question comes out why Americans have heard the heart-beats of significant Gravitational waves through X-ray, which represented the two black-holes system's orbiting and joining together, video can be found in the video made by NASA shown in this wiki-website - ( What information can this discovery tell us? How could us do some reasonable interpretations?

In order to answer this question, I want to firstly discuss another question as the antecedent providing the preconditions. Some experts have stated that Einstein's grand relativity denied Newton's classical mechanics system. I didn't really agree with this thought. This year, the finding of gravitational waves suggested they can be dialectically unified together. But how? let us begin one reasoning travelling from one matter whose density and power upon white draft. I can pre-say that it finally should be: the Relativity should be the extreme tendency of mechanics system's developing in multiple-dimensions spaces-times; turn a round, we can also understand it as Newton's classical mechanics system is the special situation regressed and dimensions-reduced from grand relativity. They have been dialectically unified together as the two side of one contradiction.

Let us keep the seat and begin one transcendentalist travelling:

Taking before, one matter, no matter what, when talk the mass and power as it's property in its mechanism, it must press down and bend the spaces-times, then leave some trails breaking the unification of spaces-times, somehow. Sometimes, it should be so small, but huge one will have been breaking to much. From white dwarf, the 'channels' have been dug out (the holes have been pressed out by their mass), somehow; and some power and mass have been sent out. Oppositely, the universal principle of spaces-times always wants to keep this certain area's unification and bended tightly holding this area, in order to fulfil the multiple-dimensions empty here relatively. The reflective phenomenon has been being expressed as the density and gravity has been enlarged at a huge way. In other words, something is escaping from this universe and is sent out through its 'channel' dug. One side, it is 'keeping' power of spaces-times of this universe; the other side, it is the 'escaping' power of matter itself. Thereby, there is the frictional interaction occurred between the matter and the multiple-dimensions spaces-times. What can we call it in Newton's classical mechanics system? 'acting force and opposing force', and the 'working' as power's losing and penetrating on different level through spaces-times, observed by us on earth. By the way, we can describe the spaces-times in a new way - indeed, they aren't real empty but still with universal principles as the jelly-environment, which can be bent, pressed, changed, divided and emptied. They feared the unification of their regulations being broken. However, every matter's existing, itself, is the relatively broken of the order of spaces-times. Meanwhile, we and all the matters are existing in this huge jelly. In the conclusion of this part, it is a much huge relativity, but also a huge classical mechanics system. However, this time, the interactive objects should be spaces-times and every matter. If in this time, there were some other matters coming new this one. Spaces-times - the whole as the force's object - will be as a whole as the conductor to transmit the interactive force to the new matter. the purpose of spaces-times is trying their best to re-organize and fulfil the relatively empty caused by matter's mass-escaping; the holding force relatively sending out to the new matter already, by delivering their principles. After all, the two matters can orbit surrounding each other by tightly holding. Because of the interactive behaviour also bending the spaces-times following the rhythm as (staged holding - staged penetrating - repeatedly). Therefore, it can have the peaks and valleys of waves, and seen as waves - we call it. Binary black-holes-system's orbiting phenomenon is an extreme situation. When it comes to this stage, the only relationship-bone left - gravitational waves - usually should be the weakest one (invisible); but currently, two extremely significant 'mass-escaping's impact causes the multiple-dimensions spaces-times as a whole object dramatically shocked and also as the middle-agency which was extremely bending and also transmitting this frictional interaction to other matters reflexively , in order to 'hold' and 'keep' them back in their stabilities. As I have said, the merely left weakest will has been the strongest relatively. Alongside it, they will make the curving acceleration of the two traveling through disordering spaces-times to join together. Under acting forces of two, spaces-times always were 'thinking' to get them all supplied with 'somethings'. Finally, 'contract' in their obit gotten than they were joining together as a whole by gravities' property and its formation wave. However, spaces-times are 'thinking' like that, but after their integrating together, the fact is the scope of one is enlarged rather than the two themselves', the power of 'escaping' is higher than before. Much more matters will have been being involved into this interactive forces. In order to get the balance of this universe, white hole is another story (, which can be seen as the end of another black hole from other universe, oppositely.

We can give a staged conclusion of this case: (1) Gravitational waves' discovery told us: In a much huge background of universes' system, classical mechanics laws are still paradoxically existing, as the balancing forces of grand relativity. Take a huge picture, the grand relativity can really be called grand relativity when joining them we nearly gave up. This precondition, if we have recognized. The much more flexible and practical standardized system can be constructed as the reflexivity-mirror to associate us see more about both the universe and ourselves;

(2) Multiple-dimensions spaces-times, themselves, are (is) not empty but vivid as a whole classical and regressive object (has)have a will of being acting forces with every matter in jelly-environmental fact of Times & Spaces. Alongside it, contractively, conflictingly, interactively 'holding' and 'escaping' actions continuously occurring between or among. About it, we will have been getting the abilities to follow, act, divide, join and travel on different dimensions dramatically or invisibly, dynamically or stably, with freedoms;

(3)Waves on different levels reflected one fact - holding and escaping dialectically being unified together, which are two sides acting with each other in one contradiction, regressing as a curving-line dramatically changing according to practical demands, which we can make the fragmentally classical following or continuously relatively creating;

(4) Merely gravity left(from grand relativity, this situation and Gravitational collapse are also dialectally unified together in one picture, I currently have gotten, which is another story waiting to be carefully discussed in the future), the weakest would have been being the strongest. The lower frequency and range would have been giving more information than the higher if we were re-constructing our standardized system accordingly and re-making much carefully participant-observations with the necessary curiosities as before, which we nearly lose somehow - this is much terrible than can not be clear. Remembering, we are still in childhood. It should be a long way to travel in the coming postmodernist era. No matter who, we need to continuously learn more;

(4) The desire of spaces-times - fulfilling empty to keep vitality, itself, relatively has gotten a will of be making the thing worse, which gave us much widen perspectives to research the opposite acting force to supply the balance relatively.

2. We need to give a place - signally for the extreme universal phenomenon - black hole and its strong curvature of jelly-liked Times & Spaces, reflected as original energy-waving form - gravitational waves . Currently, there are always a great amount of debates left there about its true mechanism, properties and historical functions in galaxies (especially in galaxies' core areas) - but after all, we really haven't been in, and only explore it through reasoning and thought experiments. However, we can bring one ideology in our mind - analogy (Wikipedia introduction: and observable General morphology including Morphology (astronomy) but not only being here and (geography) (climate) and (Earth's nature)(Wikipedia introduction: Then, we can also find some indications, about this mystery (seeds of cognition and heaven-pathway), have already been hidden in some touchable corners surrounding us. In another learning platform, I have learnt ball-liked horizontal sphere of black hole in 3D, which had almost blocked total parts of information out-flow held there, but only the singularity spreading special gravitational effect, as a standing & 'throughout' channel connecting with a multiple-dimensional blind-point of knowledge and information. In this case, I still think the application of standardized structure of Hurricane (Wikipedia introduction: - [1]; [2]) would be a good idea to understand Black hole's true mechanism, but under a much wide and huge geo-ecological background, even seeing a whole galaxy with all its mass as parts of one Core-black hole's outside and rotating & waving gas . Yes, this time, what originally waving outside is not clouds and gas, but the gravity energetically penetrating matters and carrying changes of time-streams layer after layer. Here, in Wikipedia, I have found a diagram which I thought would give much clearer explanations of hurricane's working principles - especially the waving Rain bands areas and strong windy and stormy Eyewalls (Wikipedia reference from Wikimedia Commons: [3]). After this thought experiment, we almost got an analogical model and can shift it to deep universe. But, when facing black hole, rather than on ground, we are as aircraft in space to touch it, directly from gravitational changes and matters' flowing. In other words, the dimensions it can influent have been improved to more than 4Ds with times as tides. The curvatures of Times & Spaces through gravity might cause sincere down-slowing of our senses of the normal time-line seen as from outside, but relatively kept a disordered while best-attempting 'normal' chain water-falling inside the hole while we are continuing. (Oh, this sentence is a crazy one heard in expression. But as our discussed above, time usually contents subjective thread, as one factor joining into multiple objective measurements. In that meaning, this sense is true.)

Following this thinking path, could it be possible that: Going through the areas of eyewall surrounding the core, there will be a relatively lower pressure (lower gravity) and invisible eye existing & channeling there? 

If so, in analogy, we can seek a 'volume-hidden' and 'density-infinite' fifth dimension - as through Gravitational singularity channel upon Matter & Space's 3Ds, Times' 4th D, or more unknown... Then, what about the sense of passing through it? I think you are still carrying the whole impressions of your universe and its history you will have passed. If each particle of your own and your universe has all gotten compression as so through continuing changes of gravity, is it similar that you are still relatively in sunny weather of eye's lower pressure area. But, there is a precondition the you can calculate and seek the right and shortest singularity channel and in the right velocity with your relatively ecological environment - 'Top-downward' into the eye, rather than being destroyed by 'eyewalls' strongest 'storms and rains'. In my mind, 'Eye's Empty in volume - the singularity region's oppositely containing whole 'black hole's mass' is not real, but a dynamical transmitting of the attracted matters to the hidden 5th-D-bank upon times & Spaces and in the out-coming big-bang door of the other universal branch or branches.

Another sub-question is about the difference between Black hole and wormhole. It's said: 'Extending these solutions as far as possible reveals the hypothetical possibility of exiting the black hole into a different spacetime with the black hole acting as a wormhole (Carroll 2004, pp. 257–259 and 265–266)' [1] In my opinion, we can set the quantity of energy level spreading gravitational waves as a influencing factor or indicator to analyse this definitions-distinguish. Yes, we can give a reference as what from solar system and measure and analyse: under what strength level of gravitational energy, wormhole is still a wormhole or black hole acting as a wormhole - shortening far distance and making time curvature; and above what level, it can totally break-through this universe to white-holing another parallel universal branch. In my current level, I would like to understand this thinking way, even to explain black holes' visible differences in shapes (other masses' on-going surrounding) from gravitational waves' differences.

The addition of this point, compared with past edition, is my new gain after taking Paris Dierot's course (Wikipedia introduction: [4])upon my other learn platform - Future Learn. Though may my mind be still rough, when what heard comes from a common big boy' day-dreaming mind like, about some inspirations, I still need to give my thanks to some experts, educators, teachers, learners, volunteers and my peers, and very important some articles-reviews and technologies-supports in our Wiki-family. Without you, how loneliness, Jason's life trip will be like... Hopefully, it can contribute to young generations' words-construction in this multiple-channeling postmodernist world. I wish this root can get growth and sustainability in future. Thanks! See you Next!

3. After all of those above, let us travel to This session' further developing tendencies:

Theoretical interpretations and constructions are from participant-observations and must serve the practical operations. However, the main tendency has been picturing by ourselves, the details we need to continuously, periodically and creatively think, and be repeatedly making senses: It's said: we can through X-ray or even lower frequencies' sound-waves to hear the 'heart-beats' of binary black-holes system. However, from empirically longitudinal participant-observations, 'heart-beats' of 'patients' can tell us much information in different 'channels', how could us analysing what we accepted. Summarizing the multiple-disciplinary knowledge from listening categories- telegraphy (, coding-ology, sonar-systematic analysis ( from Bionics (such as towards dolphins and bats - and scores-ology, we can make one detector and send it to the area we have been making sure through longitudinal analysis of dark matter, anti-matter and black holes' existing places, which need to be compared with the visible systematic information. In other words, we need to travel from what we visibly know. The very important several indicators we need to identify are: (1) Compared with light-waves, what this wave's several staged properties mean: How many times light-wave-system take x-ray or even slower frequencies' waves as sound waves, but this still what we use the third media to detect, or, even more in the most advanced level in this stage, how many times light-waves-system take gravitational-waves-system (Indeed, light-wave- system is also included into this story, but we need to think it as stable this time. To be honest, it is also varying as light-waves-spectrum which has multiple 'sub-channels' and the composing factors,and also originating from the lowers. However, this stage,let us dialectically divided them into two variables as from two sides we discovered - L and G)? Then,We need to get this ratio to shift our standardized measuring system to multiple 'channels' continuingly nearing the fact; shift, and re-measure the multiple-dimensions spaces-times?

L=A*G ('L' stands for the light waves' scope of range varying towards the pure extreme, 'A' stands for the ratio that how many times light-waves-system has been taking this G waves-system ; G stands for the longitudinal statistical scope of ranges of the waves which continuously transforming to the pure extreme - merely gravitational waves -extreme left sending in this universe)

Afterwards, we need to understand the meanings from the peak and the valley of waves, compared with light-waves-systems - what the highest point means to us (before, but with ratio, this time); what the lowest point means to us (before, but with ratio, this time)? In addition, the peak and valley points of waves can also reflexive how mange degree the jelly-environmental spaces-times have been bending because of this matter's existing and its escaping, which we need to self compare them with what we have already known. Following it, we can translate these information into the 'languages' we have already know in this universe, which are still with a certain developing zone up and down. Furthermore, we can know the degree of 'acting force, or to say - the friction interaction, or to say - the reflected force, or to say - the holding and penetrating power, or to say the bending degree' in the levels of multiple-dimensions and perspectives. It's because the frequencies, the ranges of the tendencies of processing to G waves-system (X-ray, sounds) regressed is slower and larger than the tendencies of processing to L waves-system regressed, and some how, easy to be understood and near our lives in slower words. Through translating and transforming, we can make deep discoveries of and locate other more matters, dark matters, black holes, even the anti-matters and white wholes (A's scope has been being including its opposite -A); even more we will have been being understanding about spaces-times' detailed changing and modifications. We can also make senses of ourselves' natures in multiple dimensions levels.

Third stage, depending on the longitudinal indicators, data we will have collected, the categories, phenomena we will have observed, the new meanings and fragmental recognitions we will have transcendentalist described, and also through various channels, we will have re-opened one postmodernist globalized panel to discuss and to much-deeply make sure what standards discussed from the indicators gotten in our hands which we can use including the invisible worlds.

Tightly following it, we will have gotten the abilities of mapping a much widen universe with the multiple-disciplinary power supported mainly by Cartography (, also integrating with the supports from geography and (, It will have been being with the beginning from ourselves on the earth, to black hole in the universe including both visible and invisible worlds. This mapping procedure should include somewhere invisibly under our feet, which have been ignored for long time including the undersea worlds such as (, and,, and we need to critically ask ourselves, are there also some dark matters and 'escaping holes' have been being still existing there by using our detectors.

In this case, if without sharing any knowledge (every information and data are great, but also relatively need us to be reasoning and selecting), associating with each others from different civilizations, this huge mapping project can not be really realized step by step.

Furthermore, I call it 'multiple-dimensions shifting and travelling', which means to change our living standards to new system step by step, and to explore alongside moving to the postmodernist 'channels', for peoples living on different levels, with visible worlds and invisible worlds' supports in this universe. The final purpose of locating matters - landscapes is to make free travelling, residences, explorations and usages. Invisible worlds also have been contenting huge treasures, if we will have detected furthermore of what we have already gotten and others new carefully.

Exploring the pathways for transforming, channelling, controlling and using new energy - the power of Gravitational waves and its productsEdit

Due to the reason that there is a very short history gravitational waves have been being discovered, or changing another words, we can say we suddenly re-recognized their existing: the binary black hole system's bending of spaces-times, then passing the acting force to make them traveling for long time till here, reflected the power of gravitational waves are rather stronger than what we were thinking before. However, why, till now, we just find it useful? Firstly, the reason, I thought, should be because it was directly acting upon spaces-times and can transparent every matter merging internally and integrating them as parts with them together. Thereby, we can say: the power of them is the original natural power of every power. And usually, it has been being transforming itself to different formations in different natural 'channels'; meanwhile, these 'channels' have all be chosen and reflexively used, by spaces-times, as the pathways to keep it own stability . Following this logic line, the pure one is weak when we found. In grand relativity, it has all the formations in multiple dimensions level, but also no formations. As a result, on the earth, we find some difficulties to search and collect it. Indeed, the difficulties are from our thinking patterns, somehow, have turned another corners when confused by their surfaces. However, as I have stated before, the weakest power in certain situation would have been being the strongest. Secondly, it is because we have been merging as part and deeply living in its acting forces controlled by spaces-times - the jerry-environment surrounding everyday. We have been making no senses of this non-formative natural power. As a result, it almost was very far from us before. However, the fact should be that it was us who had made the ignorance till the signals passing here from binary black holes system long time and long distance before and away. We just reflected out that it ought to be so strong, which even has the abilities of changing spaces-times. To be honest, it has never been so far away than our imaginations.

After understanding that this power isn't far from us, question came out about what we need to ask ourselves: Is there the paradigm we can follow to search the stable original sources of gravitational waves? Then, what are the differences between the traditional paradigm and the new-coming one ? What can these differences transcendentalist tell us the developing tendencies of applying it as certain technology into the practises of our life? Before applying it, here, we still need to remember one sentence: the significant difficulty existing is in terms of its close bone relatively with matter's natural power & property in mechanism, which has been stressing and bending (acting) spaces-times.

Then, the thinking tentacles of us begin to extend and search the possibilities.

1. Yeah, it costs extremely too much to send one collector to the binary-black holes-system to directly collect the power, and then store it, and sent it back after, after thousands million light-years. Based on the technologies currently, it is really impossible. It might be possible some days in the future, but not today.

2. What about this thinking tentacle: we pre-send some detectors to universe, or construct some detectors on the earth, for the purpose of getting the signals of some dark matters areas which have been sending the significant sounds level or some lower frequencies' waves. After carefully translating and analysis these longitudinal data, we can carefully identify several nearby areas which gravitational waves significantly existing. Completing this stage and waiting the improvement of our technologies and sciences, then, we decided to send out the collectors for serving our civilizations. No, remembering that it is another beginning of a new century and we are human beings, which means if we don't put some of our energies on new discoveries, new life-style's tastes and new discussions of them, we might begin another much widely world war to waste our extra energy to destroy our homeland, of which the costs will be paid much higher for every aspect, rather than making the increasing materialized and economic communications (Here, I want to mention a little bit extra about the transformational evolutions of economy's solidify: focusing on the realized benefits and demands accordingly and up-to-date can associate us to identify several very basic sub-factors, and regressing them relatively to the spaces-times caves of globalization, meanwhile. constructing several materialized 'dams' in several important postmodernist local cities just for several important matters' (materials, precious metals and elements-resources - after dark matters can be gotten, it would be one of them. ) direct exchanges - weakening other functions of these dams but enhancing merely this function, focusing on which the new standers will be gotten out supported by huge data longitudinal statistics and others can be compared with them - I thought this can associate us better our economy and get the real well-being of international communications). The transcendentalist explorations in different 'channels' alongside the shortly staged and planned usages of gravitational waves are just relatively like peaks and valleys of the waves' transmission. If we try to hold its rhythm peacefully, then shift this paradigm to other fields, it would better our globalized societies. In other words, mapping our new coming universe from earth in the left hand; but, meanwhile, attempting to use new knowledge in the right hand - in the same time. Then, the strategy gotten by following new paradigm, we can progress to integrate them by focusing on the flexibility of practises, however, also relatively and also classically alongside the sustainability.

3. The first impression, which I has gotten when hearing this term and also integrated with the empirical senses of knowledge before, is another term 'electromagnetism', in which we have already successfully griped the sub-laws and serving our lives step by step, with a brighten tomorrow. It is the transformation from the power of magnetism to the power of electricity, and afterwards, successfully integrating them together as a whole electromagnetism ( Regardless with various formations we have delivered before, let us identify their natural root from the participant-observations of the natural laws from transcendentalist pathway. In postmodernist era, we need do this kind of regressions and self-reflexivity frequently in our own channels differently, and make the explicit discussions across the boundaries of multiple-disciplinary subjects:

A. they were all about: the flowing power's spreading from a higher place to a lower places, as a stream of liquid;

B. this natural power, travelling from one side to the other or between, can sustainably exist and streaming for certain time and in certain visible or invisible routine, which gave the possibilities for us to continuously transform for our usages in life;

C. These powers are all sub-individually regressing as a line, but also curve spaces-times as 'heartbeats'; as a return, they are recognized relatively as staged-bended lines - waves;

D. They are all 'suffering' the repeatedly beats directly upon or invisibly penetrating, transparently;

E. Then, their internal structures and properties have been changed (some even deeply on quantum orbiting mechanic's level )

F. The internal structures' changing - magnetisations have all 'remembered' the power in the structural modifications and sent them in the 'channel' fixed as electricity, then we can use them in our familiar ways

After abstracting several important transcendentalist reasoning steps out (my thoughts might not be very correct, however, in my postmodernist channel and also from my participant-observations of its objective functions in practise. These are what I have investigative-ly gotten), several groups of different countries and also the individuals can try to make the new innovations in their own channels depending on their technologies and scientific level.

In this time, what, I can make senses of, personally, is the laser equipment ( As I have mentioned before: 'L=AG' In grand-grand relativity, if we can use one extreme to relatively make the work to transform and keep the other extreme. It might be much easy. What we need to do is:

Primarily, we need to innovate one equipment by using much pure light-waves - laser which joining and going throughout spaces-times. However, it should be very stable as the metal bar or the propeller in the electromagnetism systems. Therefore, we need to carefully design the generator and the acceptor of the equipment, which can keep laser's power of stably fixed in the certain 'channel' of equipment visibly outside or in one vacuumed environment.

Yes, the very important issue comes in front of us - one stable 'stream' of this 'liquid' - the power of gravitational waves. It needs time and might be hard for us to do currently - firstly, we need to map the areas of dark matters and black holes through 'hearing' for locating the nearest one with significant sources of the gravitational waves. This procedure should not be ignored, but paid much more attentions.

However, it is not to say we have nothing to do. Rather than, we have a series of problems which were needed to be solved. Alongside them, our civilizations will be deeply improved.

I have heard one piece of great news ( Can we do a brave hypothesis? (if wrong, please forgive my innocence) this music 'heard' by us is composing by the gravitational waves from a huge source far away carrying information, or from our beautiful earth, or multiple-dimensions from sun and Milky way. Even not, I think Moon is a very good place for us to research two orbiting stars' gravity in spaces-times.

Yes, we also need one aircraft to send the designed equipment to the back of Moon, or somewhere between earth and moon.

If we can make the laser-equipment like a propeller, it would be better. While, it's very hard to make the light-waves relatively as solider in the equipment, which we need to carefully try a great amount of times, in order to let it keep the stability.

The equipment also need some transmitting parts joining to a battery, or lineless-ly sending to the acceptors constructed on the earth

As a conclusion of this session: EG=ET-EL (The energy transformed from the natural power of gravitational waves will be equalling to the total energy the acceptor has gotten, but from which, taken away the sub-part of laser equipment's costs )

Supplemental statements:

1. The thinking way of applying certain relative 'solid' material into a special spaces-times system (as liquid) and making it accelerated movements like cutting across the stream of gravitational waves repeatedly between two directed origins (standing for two level of layers) is very important for working out the extra; (we have successful used this paradigm to produce electricity from magnetism, from wind and water, from solar system and from water-stream). This paradigm has its vitality of existing;

2.However, in this time, we need to change our thinking pattern to see the laser light-waves-bar as 'solid' and make it have the characteristics of 'solid'. It should be stable in this equipment and can behave the cross-sessional actions repeatedly;

3. In this equipment, there also need to be one 'observer' in the middle or on the acceptor, which can participant-observe the indicators of the change of the laser-bar's internal structure (even the very micro and detailed changes);

4. we need to ask astronomers and geographers to provide the evidences about where the nearest places are, in which the gravity has been continuingly changing and expressing as flowing from one point to the other point. It might be a system of binary stars. We need to collect the detailed evidences from 'hearing' and also the visible materials' changing surrounding. This area needed to be, somehow, without too many other powers' formations and can keep the stable flowing from higher layer to lower layer;

5. Finally, in this session, I want to say something extra: This article is written in tertiary educational field and about delivering philosophical 'eyes' to watch the tendencies of current most advanced technologies' and scientific developments. Afterwards, it tries to make a possible 'long-distance' generalized pictures to our researchers, academic scholars, lecturers and learners, and students, for the purpose of motivating us to make creative innovations into our universities from multiple-disciplinary subjects. General pictures meant some technological details might not be very clear, however, the 'thinking sparks' we can together make through multiple-dimensions discussions freely and explicitly or implicitly, are what we can consider as the treasures. Philosophy in educational field, usually gives the suggestions of sustainable developments and uses very simple words to enlighten the next generations' thinking, which means it is merely the possibilities volunteering waiting to be tested and proofed. This is the function of educational philosophy, to awake our youngers creative thinking in postmodernist era. Alongside it and through critical thinking, if some researching institutions and organizations of globalizations can benefit from this article, we will feel very happy, while, it should under Wiki's developing principles and purposes - in order to benefit knowledge 'freedom spreading our worlds. If we can associate much more adults, younger teenagers, children, and ageing people in 'long-distanced' areas freely get new knowledge and make their own contributions to our global civilizations in this 'university' here as all the equal family members, we will open a new postmodernist era and our world will be beautiful and peaceful O(∩_∩)O~

The re-definitions of international measurement system under the Gravitational wave mechanism representing the thinking patterns of Grand Relativity for functional applications in individualist 'channels'Edit

The second evolution of thinking pattern, which will have been happened which would benefit the worlds' multiple-dimensions development, is the unified measurement system's broken into pieces falling into individualist channels for local regions according to the new spaces-times views of the gravitational wave representing grand relativity for sustainability. It might be after this periods of relativity regressions and explorations in several 'channels', there would be another staged relative unification waiting for us. However, firstly, let us use thinking pattern to identify the influences from gravitational wave to measurement system:

As we have been discussing above, the range and frequency of the gravitational waves are in terms of the matter's occupying of certain volume, then alongside the power and quality's increasing dramatically there, the 'escaping' desire is going to be tightly held by spaces-times. In the other view of grand relativity, it is this matter who has been bending spaces-times in the relatively interactional force, and the power was transmitted out, and is accepted (large-ranged waves being heard) by us. This analysis gave us a new view of the power's formation of gravity is influencing spaces-times orders as waves. If it is travelling just as line, which means it is unified and direction-toward; however, it is travelling as wave which has been proved to carry the staged peaks and valleys which means it can be staged by staged individualist analysed. It also has the sub-properties of this travelling procedure. In other words, let us take the other opposite view. Relatively towards spaces-times, the quantity of gravitational power sent out is continuously changing covering a certain range and having a certain speed. Still changing another words, the masses of matters in their mechanism, towards spaces and times, aren't completely sure as we thought before. Alongside this possible logical line, because the existing of gravitational wave has given the supports that even one matter weightily and powerfully as black holes and binary stars their masses are also varying differently and significantly; then, relatively thinking, what about the measuring pathways we have delivered to detect matters, and to know our universe and our earth? They can also be made according to certain range and frequency, which means it isn't always unified as a whole but can be made according to different regions' demands of development from earth to universe. The significant influences of this thinking pattern, to scientific fields, is the grand-grand relativity contenting classical mechanics principles could also have the possibilities to vary according to the laws of certain spaces-times' bending principle as the waves' relatively waving. It is to say spaces-times is waving because of matter's power. Currently, the very 'solid' power-wave we have found is from gravity. It is really in the category of grand-grand relativity, which (we can say)involved classical principles into grand-grand relativity; changing other world, (we can also say), grand relativity was staged held by classical mechanics. Two balanced and mixed-mixed powers' 'channels' are opened in front of us. Depending on the worlds' demands in the beginning of this century, currently, we need to deeply travel in grand-grand-relativity 'channel': 1. Changing the measuring pathways of searching and detecting dark matters, black holes with the supports of gravitational waves' 'hearing' technologies, then mapping different regions of universe with new measuring standards is the thinking pattern on one side. 2. However, firstly, let us be from our earth by shifting the gotten from universal observations. In returning, the very 'solid'-standardized principle, which has been crossing two great categories being used by us to construct our earth & cosmology and make senses of our universe for thousands years, is just gravity and its power-transmitting formation - waves representing spaces-times regional and staged modifications regularly. When I was reviewing the Gravitational accelerations' distribution on different regions of our earth and also integrating my empirical senses (not too many and too exactly, but just the feelings) of travelling to different parts of our earth - Tibet, different parts of China and UK. I found, indeed, this out-coming ratio of our earth isn't always exact, but also according to different parts of our earth. through, sometimes, they are almost very tiny changes in several position behind zero-pointing, when we are using metre and second as spaces-times' measuring units. To be honest, this detailed ranging isn't so small (just because it has been easily transforming into different formations on our earth, therefore, the changings were different to be visibly observed), but also is reflecting out one longitudinal statistical fact - our earth's gravity is also transmitting powers as gravitational waves which bending and interactively acting on spaces-times surrounding us. In addition, founded on grand relativity and also interactional forces' principle, every systematically organized matters all have their masses withdrawing properties, powers and qualities in every composing parts of it. In returning, every matter also present certain very non-significant gravitational-waving powers. If the current measuring coordinate-systems can not tell us clearly and exactly more about our worlds in the earth including the underground & internal situation, the under-sea worlds' gravities-situations , the different regions' gravitational waves-powerful varying-ranging and so on. Why should us, alongside the increasingly understandings of this field's development, enlarge our two usual coordinate systems - metre for spaces relatively, and second for times, let them be dynamic procedure according to different regions' development and practical situations, of which the changes of thinking can associate us search much more information and might associate find plenty unknown matters in the detailed waves existing for long but also being ignored for long. We can also predict the internal earth also involving plenty matters, even including some invisible and heard-able 'dark matters' in their own 'channels'. The very important changing of our thinking pattern should be 'Relativity needs deep relativity-tools to be measured in classical interacting period-rhythm with spaces-times as the objects'. If someday, we can suit this changing to use new enlarged two coordinate-systems to measure and map our worlds and universes from earth according to different regions' practical situations in their own channels, we can extend our hometown relatively and set more persons' living and discover more matters internally and implicitly.

The further considerations of putting gravitational waves and its power-formation into the design of military weapons and the aircrafts' invisiblyEdit

To be honest, this part is very hard for me to write down, of which the reasons are from two aspects: Firstly, I am not the expert in this field, which means I haven't got too much professional knowledge in military weapons' designs and their engineering productions. What I can talk is merely the educationally philosophical prediction of the main developing tendency in postmodernism and in my own 'channel'. Secondly, to my heart, there is a conflict in mind towards this field - military weapons' designs - I knew , somehow, it is harmful for the peace of our multiple-dimensions worlds' sustainability. However, as a postmodernist learner and also the postmodernist academic guy in multiple-dimensions channels for the educational freedom and equality, in order to respect the ideology of 'all-inclusive' as gravitational wave's transparently penetrating covering people in different 'channels', we need to do something for the tertiary learners of military - no matter who should have the possibilities to share new knowledge . This is a huge relativity but also the balanced pathway in education for our future, just because the postmodernist tertiary education for military also relatively belongs to the category of postmodernist education. This field also need the multiple-disciplinary attentions from the accordingly thinking patterns made by multiple-dimensions scholars and discussers. Following the transcendentalist reasonable logics line's progressing to this point, what kind of imageries can we get in front of the gravitational wave's power? I think: in last century, we have made the development by applying grand relativity towards one extreme point - running after light wave's moving by accelerating the matter's speed dramatically on the level of controlling micro worlds - atomic and quantum mechanics - to beat the targets in the high speed relatively as light causing nuclear fusion in the channel which releases power in narrow space for making the significant explosion ( In this 'channel', we are somehow going too far, of which the power of mass-destroying and radiation is running far away than our imaginations, which has been making the extra killings in a spreading spaces and till several next generations. In this beginning of this century, recently, could the discovery of gravitational wave, on the other extreme, hold us back by turning the direction of the other developing tendency of grand relativity in order to reduce and balance the extra damage of 'first' try? Could it help us really control nuclear power more precisely. could we give another definition of nuclear weapon that the kill-ability can be controlled, can be focused on certain regions, can be of sustainability? No one wants to occupy one place, then finds there are no lives left and no usages lasting several centuries. Killing extra persons is inhumanity. Indeed, to my mind, war - itself , even for killing the right persons is also the mistake.

Thinking Paradigm: 1. Could we put certain matter carrying the significant and pure power of gravitational waves into certain part of the nuclear weapon' quantum-running and target-beating fusional channel? To some degree, the gravitational power can balance and absorb the power on the other side. 2. What kind of matters can we choose? The theoretical and fantastical one should be a little bit matter of black hole, or dark matter. However, it is very hard to get even very tiny. While, could us get certain small pieces of new matter from the white dwarf? Or, even in solar system, could us get certain matter on the level of atomic and quantum mechanics from the stars with much huger gravity than earth? If we still can't, could we man-make one certain matter by using the technologies and scientific knowledge from learning gravitational wave? Even still not, could we borrow some participant-observational senses of the pathway of bending spaces-times to bend atomic bomb's internal spaces-times in the channel by giving gravity according to the principles gotten from detecting the gravitational wave? 3. Precisely positivist computing how much 'gravitational matter', if we put in, can associate us to control the killing-ability of atomic bomb in the scope which we are expecting; Also computing the realistic space's boundary of atomic bomb's explosion which can get. 4. Indeed, the gravitational changing artificially itself is always the weapon ...

In this session, finally, we want to mention a little bit about aircraft's invisibility:

On one side, could we simulate the gravitational waves' travelling frequency and range to design our aircrafts' flying pathway, could it possible to help our designed aircrafts save and 'escape' a huge amount of powers and information and make them hard to be found? Furth more, could we simulate gravity's pathway of bending spaces-times to hide something implicitly to hide our aircrafts in the bended spaces-times, which would hard to be found by enemies?

On the other side, could we make some radars and detectors which can 'hear' the matter's pure gravitational wave directly and effectively? could it helpful for us t detect some very invisible objects?

Thinking, there are so many unknown items we need to research rather than fighting with each other, of which the vita important thing should be how to suit ourselves to a new gravitational waving world with multiple-dimensions and changing spaces-times of this postmodernist era, with much more detailed coordinate system, much enlarged worlds and much more unknown matters, even some mysterious creatures etc. We might also need to comfort ourselves in the lives of really travelling in the gravitational bended spaces-times by learning this knowledge integrating with the other extreme - light-wave's slowing down in this huge system relatively.

The end of this article but also a new beginning progress of our future: Do you remember two science-fictional movies O(∩_∩)O~:

Let us pray for getting the peaceful sustainability in this century, in which the situation would be better than last one, we can break the wars' circling by delivering the soft power of academy and everyone can enjoy their own channelled developing way with humanity.

Sincerely Regards

Best Wishes to all

--Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 13:04, 28 February 2016 (UTC)Jason Marx Christ, Han


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User Discussions for problem-solving and Field investigationEdit

1. About Winter Swimming Across 2017 to 2018Edit

2018 NYEC in Dalian (Self-participation; Outdoor series-2nd)

About its Case-recording and participant-observations, please see the descriptions in Wikimedia Commons: [5] and [6]. About further reading list, please see: Winter swimming and Wikipedia introduction [[7]]

2. About photography publicationEdit

Regarding your post at [8], I have removed the content that is specific to your actions as editor that are not directly related to the file itself. Again, I encourage you to become more familiar with our community practices before deciding for yourself how the community should function. We are open to suggestions, but major changes in approach require discussion and community consensus. You are welcome to open such as discussion in the Wikiversity:Colloquium if you wish. You are also welcome to delete this conversation from your talk page entirely, as it is your talk page. Let me know if you have any questions. -- Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 13:39, 26 June 2016 (UTC)

This case has been closed by being recovered as the edition before after long time's discussions. Enlightenment: Formulism shouldn't be the main tendency of wikiversity. Creativity, if of reasonability, should be encouraged and maintained. Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 05:37, 29 July 2016 (UTC)

3. About the educational fairness of piano teaching, learning and completions in ChinaEdit

A general case study drawn from the misleading of educational fairness and the local protections of the intensive training of certain musical skills - such as piano skills with the surface looked as the lie of children's excellent performances:

Here, I would like to declare a public educational secret totally against the educational fairness viewed by the globalization. Things have already happened times after time with the harms towards both some teachers and children; therefore, I don't want to criticism anyone else and in order to protect my own and my family's safety, I don't want to clearly tell what names and institutions they were. What my purpose is just hoping the society would give the next generations much pure and clean environment for their growth:

It's long time that in the mainland of China, some individuals taking certain identities in some schools or colleges, in order to improve their own reputations and get financial benefits, they held the societal completions to public and declared they were for children's entertainment in spare time. However, when it came to the practical operations, they usually applied these types of pathways below to eliminate other teachers' students (who are out of their friends-circle), oppositely push out their own students or some ones' who have good relationships with them to be high ranked. Currently, I would like to apply the skills and knowledge from education research and participant-observations into carefully explaining what possible ways they usually use:

1. They usually sent local piano teachers and students the uncompleted brochures advertising for the completions they held, in which the affairs and procedures of completions have been described so easily as to be taken with the higher prices, privately. They would firstly find some local teachers and make the promises if their students can take part in the completions, they would get the discounts privately from their students' prices and enrolment fees. Meanwhile, the brochures aren't usually entire but with the lacks of introductions of how further semi-final and final competitions will be held. These lies would motivate some teachers who are really hard-working for their students' learning and teaching to make the carefully educational preparations; meanwhile, some teachers would really trust them and make the carefully designed educational plan in their lessons for the completions.

2. During the procedure of holding piano completions, they usually pushed out some unclear assessment standards without telling all the teachers and students what the true operations would be and what will happen next. Even more, these unclear standards are all somehow post-put without clear inductions from the beginning - when some situations happened that some students questioned why things would be unfair, they just carry out the post-written standards out and make the explanations that they have already been stated. Indeed, the truth is this writing is post-written uncreditable. These post-standards usually became their excuses to get down or eliminate the ranks of certain teachers' students who have no relationships with themselves, such as - children's performing postures aren't formal, some small details of their performances aren't well behaved, and the scoring was beginning with the right time that the students standing on the stages so that the students' score should be lower, etc. Here, I would give some comments from educational humanity: musical and instrumental skills as the common language belonging to all the peoples surrounding our worlds. The musical imaginations, the musicality, the styles and their skills performed, themselves, are much more important than the postures. The ones standing on the stages are children using spare time to learn piano as their interests and habits for releasing themselves and their family. How should some persons cruelly and coldly criticism children's free behaviours on the stage and make the completions like a cold machine shaping students' nature and their musical curiosities? This operation usually and totally hurt some teachers and students' hearts when hearing the truths behind. As our studies in educational research and educational psychology, the love of music should be from the nature of students' hearts and as the freedom of communicating their minds with each other. Therefore, their behaviours on the stages shouldn't be limited following certain fixed models on the stages and they should freely express their own understandings and what they have learned from their teachers, by their own willing.

3. Another pathway they usually carried out is to search some half-professionally trained children or some students from good-qualified schools and areas to take part in the completions in some lower developing areas, the purpose of which is to eliminate the local students but get their money. [Here, I have to say the distributions of China's musically educational resources are really unbalanced that some developed cities and areas and some supper-class-layers (According to Marxism, currently the classes should already disappear in this huge country without the gaps between the rich and the poor. Therefore, I used this term 'supper-class-layers' to stand for some layers who can enjoy especial powers and rights in China) can enjoy them freely for long time; but some others cannot]. Here, I would like to explain what kind of students are the 'half-professionally trained musical children': In order to cultivate some students with good-qualified musical skills at the very small ages, some schools, colleges and educational institutions enrolled children at the very small ages and delivered the intensive trainings for the purposes of getting children into good universities pre-their-time. These children usually didn't take the full-time schooling, but with half-day literacy& sciences-learning and half-day instrumental trainings. At very small ages, the comprehensive abilities and multiple-disciplinary interests would be narrowed merely in musical performances 'for their future and employment demands'. Usually, their ages are around 8 to 13 and cultivated by some so-called experts in this fields. These experts are highly and nobly reputed and without the communications with local communities and commons. From educational perspective, I really cannot agree with this teaching pathway. Here, we can review some introductions of 'Theory of multiple intelligences' (Wikipedia introduction: From the nature of children and young teenagers, they have diverse interests and potentials developing in different intelligences. From nature, they have the basic human rights to decide what tendencies they can develop in their own 'channels' without being stressed and limited into certain one by their parents and teachers. When they were in low ages, what teachers and parents in formal and informal educations can do were providing basic possibilities for them and let them freely accept knowledge from their curiosities and potentials. If in this age, we gave them the compulsory musical educations as professional and intensive trainings, things would be worse for their developments. Absolutely, They can self-turn to some musical educators(with both instrumental knowledge & musicality and the educational& psychological knowledge) who are familiar with their developing situations in communities or some educational institutions in spare time depending on their own demands and interests; but, this should never be put into the compulsory lessons set in their full-time schools. However, some teachers and educational institutions didn't care about their natural sustainability, but cruelly done so. Meanwhile, the holders of the completions even invited them by paying money (their appearances are looked young which are unbalanced with their real ages and professional levels). Then, they were used as the tools by the completion's organizers to automatically eliminate the students of the teachers from their friends-circle and oppositely enhance their relationships with these musical experts.

4. Frequently changing musical students' ranking by all means made the teachers and students who are out of their relationship-circles of full tiredness and lose their confidences to continue their completions. This pathway is really unfair which is not only kills teachers' confidences and also kill children's interests. Some excuses they can search: (1) Some groups, caused by participants' decreasing in should be combined as one. Then, your students' ranks would be less than before with the reasons that some other groups in different ages may content much skilful students. (This behaviour is totally against children's natural sustainability in different ages. If they have studied educational psychology, you would know the children and young teenagers in different ages had different cognitive levels, emotional tendencies, controllability, and musical logics-thinking abilities, which means we should grouping them according both to their ages and their learning time-lengths. However, we felt very regretful...)(2) Some students from other teachers and experts depending on the relationships have suddenly taken part in this completions. You knew, they are the examiners whose students would be much excellent than yours. Then, your students would be ranked as lower than before. (3) The standards of the completions have been changed including much reasonable elements such as ..., then your students would be ranked lower than before. After hearing those, if you gave up your rights or your students gave up their rights in completions, the organizers' purposes of getting money only from children would be targeted. The purpose of enhancing their relationships with the so-called experts can also be targeted. There is a Chinese idiom saying like '一箭双雕' which can account their purposes (Translation and explanation: In traditional Chinese outdoor forests, if a hunter can shoot two eagles with one arrow, he or she can get a good hunting effect. In modern days, this idiom is applied to describe some plots ( usually it's negative) or strategies (positive) can get doubling successes. )

By stating this case, I hope the musically educational institutions, in some areas of China, should hold the peaceful belief when they are organizing completions for children and for public. They shouldn't be merely for money, then lose their own responsibilities to construct a peaceful outlook for the next generations' future. What they are doing is education which means they should make the careful considerations of what would damage young generations' potentials and curiosities. Children's musical completions should be organized for the freedom of enjoying the happiness brought by music, rather than being trained as another cold musical instrument or machines. We need to give Chinese Children a shine sky for their flying after their dreams beautifully in the blue sky, and without being influenced by some commercial purposes. Taking back a step, if someone have some commercial purposes in holding this type of musical completions, please be merciful to face our young generations by giving them a completing environment with educational fairness and from natural humanity.

In educational perspective, the freedom and fairness should be young generations' oysters! They should enjoy their basic rights!

Possible constructive solutions in practicesEdit

1. Continuing Professional Developing (CPD) Piano-teachers and teacher-educators really dedicated themselves into communities and residential areas for presenting family-oriented, community-oriented, practices-oriented and part-volunteering Piano & Music Education, in order to solve this social problem. This is really a hard task, which needs teachers and teacher educators hiding themselves behind, forgetting their personal reputations, taking the societal responsibilities for only educational purposes, ignoring some social misunderstandings and dedicating themselves lonely into the research of some advanced piano techniques, self-conclusions & constructions of diverse musical theories and the face-to-face cultivations of young teenagers' musical literacies. Several generations have already paid their youth-time, full-energy, full-contributions into this field, among which the true love of piano itself, the true appreciations of music itself and the true motivations of young teenagers' real interests & individual-focused potentials in music are highlighted as the essential career-moral positions. Therefore, their tasks integrating with life-style in communities, somehow can be called 'all-inclusive' that no matter how hard or what degrees’ young teenagers have some potentials in music, or how good they performed. Only if they need to learn, CPD teachers and teacher educators in piano must take these services charitably. Yes, 'Charitably' - this word can be a good descriptions of some situations and endeavours they are in their social tasks (we knew they need to live), which explicitly or implicitly made the 'societally responsibility contracts theory' with certain organizations, such as Musicians' Association, by following the given teaching standard framework as effectiveness-tested in annual examinations; but, they also need to creatively work up-to-date focusing on how to research out a balance between real motivating young teenagers' interests, abilities, positive attempts in musical exercises, and the other side - saving their time aside for full-time school-oriented learning of other subjects. Young teenagers, in their own life stage, should take all-rounded schooling education excellently. Piano education, as the supplemental part, can somehow associate their developments. Therefore, every day, this group of teachers and teacher educators have paid lots of their energy, time and even health; but their earned little, their welfare, personal health, joyfulness and teaching & living environment are usually ignored, or cared little. Currently, Thanks to Digital literacies and Internet+ supports, this group of teachers can make more openness to see beautiful developments outside. Some of them can have opportunities to take the continuing professional training and learning from Western Musical Educational System, and meanwhile, make the comparisons with Eastern root. Some of them even can have the lucky opportunities to study abroad and continuously develop themselves, for their children and young teenagers. The situation is better than before. Indeed, the original piano-tutorial formations from the traditions are family-tutor-oriented, solo & small party-oriented, studio-oriented, communities-activities-oriented and face-to-face, in which - the creation of a relax-able and musical beauties-appreciable environment - teachers and their students can all research out and interactively developing their musical literacies beautifully and participant-observing the reasonability and purity of music as fine-arts engineering and its expressive approaches freely, joyfully and happily. Reviewing the past history, great musicians and famous composers' cultivations were all from it and rooted in it. However, recent several years, we almost lost ourselves, alongside the fast development of society. We even did forget how music was developing here; and see it as a business without imaginations and dreams. But, young teenagers' growth and future from education should not be seen as only for business. If so, what music we will hear lose the original beauties abstracted from commons' life. Currently, we can make some Postmodernist Regressions to pick up musical beauties and musical literacies for young and real happiness. From my participant-observations for many years in this field, this developing tendency is a possible good solution, in which piano teachers, combining the roles of teacher educators and researcher for new, and their musical literacies can be reflected out and passed by from one generation to the next generations, one by one, day by day, face to face, note to note, for so many years. This paragraph above is a true report reflexing this group's heart-voices. Here, I need to thanks to British Council's enlightenments (without this point, my educational thinking cannot be here) and guides from Chinese Musicians' Association (without this point, the participant-observations of Educational practices cannot be continuing there). Yes, I also need to thank lots of young teenagers and teacher educators working in this group. This is not a complicated case, but a long educational road. Walking on it, let us try to see more landscapes... Best wishes to them!

2. 2019's view about 2018 teaching experiences: This case has been modified and bettered in a special order that piano teacher educators were still working hard in their family-based classrooms (piano's tradition of pedagogy required) to dream, research and respect Vienna school's basic standards of fine art (and branches-evolved impressionism, romanticism, postmodernism...) in which internet technologies and global educational platforms charitably associated them (we) to make out their reasonable voices, realize their dreams and submit their (our) teaching results such as their own & students' beautiful performances in sounds or video and relative self-reflexivity & work-analysis; meanwhile, their (our) students (some good levels and with needs) have self-applied (or under-guidance of teachers & their parents from educational fairness) to take part in some local competitions or public performances or national examinations who only saw those results as their abilities-showing, some small staged evaluations of classrooms & learning in long life and got some rewards (senses of achievements) of their growth & progression. Then, different groups in this procedure can get benefits in their own 'channels' and this case can reach a special moving balance. At least, piano & music should make people feel happy and expressive for their own lives and dreams... I don't know its future, but let us carry the hope to see and move on...

3. Traffic&Ecological Education: About self-volunteering of sustainability (Traffic management & Eco-protection)Edit

(1) Bad Traffic Management (Cause part - probably solved; see file 1st beside):

Bad traffic management

& Parking Series on Sidewalk:

Worse Taxi-parking situation beside Metro-Fastrial Station in DL

Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 14:16, 13 May 2018 (UTC) Current, we can see an Educational Tree growing from a series of participant-observations of Traffic Management in residential area, which has been recording a problem's happening, processing, and solving in a time line. No one wondered to find troubles to others, but every common people, including our Wiki-commons and Wikiversity- teachers &learners (it's an interactive & philosophical way hard to be judged online which I need a special time to think about, especially an old myth - 'who are we, real?'), after getting many pieces of knowledge around the corners of the world, were really want to do somethings, and at least better our own living environments online or in the reality. Let them be civilized, as what education should have taught. It's about our dreams and also from human being's nature. Take back a step, we could not be so great than who we thought of in this life time - we have no powers, no enough money or no some rights...; but, just even watching and observing things' modifications without people's clearly knowing, we would also feel happy. I thought, if I - a day-dreaming boy was given a right 'to see and to say out' the historical development of this era in the educational views, I should cherish it and use it, no matter whether it was because of me or because of others, or all commons' views for the civilization, or something unknown depending on my little intelligence...Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 02:39, 1 December 2017 (UTC) 2019's View about 2018 traffic experiences: this case has been modified and bettered through much careful traffic management methods, such as areas-divisions for different groups - cars (parking positions), residences (free-walking areas), pedestrians (throughout-by pathways)... Meanwhile, public civilization of travelling and good traffic manners have been announced to all. Though still some small-ratio people didn't want to follow and still kept their thoughts (a sudden turn and fast lane-changing evenly to zebra-crossing is very dangerous), in a larger 'square-view', a whole situation of experiences wasn't so bad, and evenly good. I can also see some volunteering public services associating with traffic-policemen's working have been done for the security-management of road-surfaces. Thanks to all! In another view, I, personally, researched out a far-distant wandering method - 'Hiking Across' to help me keep my own wellbeing of both physics and emotions. Hiking, alongside mountains or some good-viewed landscapes, is a great way to get closed to the nature, let you avoid some unhappy places, and forgive some unhappy conflicts... Weekly, recently, I transformed my 'Home-towards-travelling' to be hiking, which made me find some beauties of city and villages. I though piano is my life friend who should feel happy to see me appreciate some beauties around my life, rather than... Meanwhile, I can get some understandings of some cars-turning ways (not all)... 'Changing a way, life would be different...', I thought 'Don't say you feel bored... Giving the forgiveness and more understandings to each other, Let us move on! Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 05:02, 4 January 2019 (UTC)

(2) Mountain Series (Result Part - on-going; see file 2nd beside)

Mountain Series

Possible tendency of solution: You can feel this picture was much clearer, tidied and protective way. (Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 03:31, 1 December 2017 (UTC)):

Mountain series in managing procedure (Compared with the above one) 03:31, 1 December 2017 (UTC)

2019's View about 2018 experiences: To this case, I can see some interesting changes... which I was keeping my eyes to observe. Some were easily to talk out, but some were in secrets. Currently, one is: I found the natural mountain itself back my home was trying his (or her, or its) best to digest those hurts and wastes, such as building-materials and some damages of its 'bones' we mankind did to it, green plants were trying their best to recover its ecological system and some cats were also climbing mountains for life... others were under the observations... Hopefully, it can be continuing... and we mankind can create more conditions for this changing... Best wishes!Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 05:02, 4 January 2019 (UTC)

Mountain series in managing procedure-Constructive Modification(Trees-planted)

Further Progress : Little Jason,you see, Green trees have been planted some under the feet of your home-back mountain in spring 2019. It's a constructive modification of building wastes and for ecological recovery. Hopefully, it can continue and be benificial for people living here, the nature and animals.Jason's second way, Han (discusscontribs) 02:01, 10 May 2019 (UTC) 2020 Situation in comparison It's continuously recovering... An Earlier Summer Rain got passed, and many plants, even some medicine ones are growing up to fill woods' empty places.... It's better not the broken, but with the helps of people's awakeness and some Trees-planting plans... Mountain, itself, is recovering those hurts and growing Green... It, somehow, gives the hope....Praying....

2020 Trees-planted as a constructive solution for ecological recovery -2.jpeg

Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 02:29, 17 May 2020 (UTC)

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Please do not edit historical discussions for grammar, such as at [9]. You are welcome to extend the discussion as you wish, but editing the discussions of others nine years later isn't appropriate. Thanks. -- Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 00:44, 4 August 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for notice. Carefully thinking of it, I thought this point you should be right, in order to respect the original creativity - anyone, during whose writing, he or she might make some grammar mistakes. I used to keep the thinking of proof-reading in mind, but...,if it was a very small mistake, somehow, it can give a proof of someone's style of writing. This can give a credit that it was made by himself or herself. Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 06:27, 5 August 2016 (UTC)

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Thanks for your notice, I have attempted to give up its original name, change to a new name and Learning project (Portal under and a category) by applying what thinking way and knowledge I have known, here. Then, it was looked as:

I thought this article is with my best wishes and the new outlook for this Christmas. Hopefully, this time it would be better. If still some problems, please let me know. Thanks! Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 05:28, 16 December 2016 (UTC)

The title is great, and the content looks interesting, but it's not a portal. Portals are used to organize content and help other users find that content. The page developed is actual content rather than an organizer. I've moved it to Theological Studies and Culture. -- Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 14:56, 16 December 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for your 'like' of this title, Dave. I will think more. Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 15:49, 16 December 2016 (UTC)

Portal:Impressionist Visualizations (for musical imaginations) and some Sound filesEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your Portal:Impressionist Visualizations (for musical imaginations) and some Sound files appears to be well-developed and ready for learners! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 20:35, 16 September 2018 (UTC) Reply: Marshallsumter, really thanks for your confirmation, support and understanding. It's something about Chinese culture reflected from my hometown and other many places, impressionism & visualization from many tours' experiences and... yes, music from my own piano and classrooms... I have been doing it in a long period and it's also continuing...Hoping future, I can use my eyes & ears to touch people's hearts... Good news, Excited, Tears' out, and Thanks again! Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 12:30, 18 September 2018 (UTC)

Portal:Sonatinas from Kids' corner near heavenEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your piano performance Portal:Sonatinas from Kids' corner near heaven appears to be well-developed and ready for learners and listeners! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 20:26, 30 December 2018 (UTC) Reply: Dear Marshallsumter, Yes, I'd like very much... Thanks very much for having noticed me so great a New Year's News! You knew, when I opened my 'talk' page and saw your massage today - on my first day of 2019 in Wikiversity, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons... how happy I am! For this Portal, I have been working for many years - identifying & accumlating many famous piano masters' sonatas and sonatinas evenly since my childhood, teaching and researching notations in many life-classrooms with my students, recording better classroom-editions as sound & video demonstrations for many times, and writing out words in terms of relative most beautiful growth-memories of mine for work-analysis... Wikiversity's and your confirmation is a fantastical encouragement to my performance and road on-going! Yours Always Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 07:34, 3 January 2019 (UTC)

Portal:Piano Etudes as PoemsEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your Portal:Piano Etudes as Poems appears well-developed and ready for learners and listeners! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 18:14, 18 February 2019 (UTC) Reply: Marshallsumter, Thanks very much for your announcement! Every time, at some important moments of my life, your notices of 'Pushing-up decisions on our Main Page News' can always touch some most tender & soft parts of my heart and bring the joyfulness to my family. What to say further? This 'Etudes as Poems Portal' was designed and prepared for long time for our learners and listeners. Though some in 'advanced levels' were harder to achieve, what I wanted to tell us is: Etudes' training and piano keyboard-touching manners (mainly classical), sometimes, weren't so boring as thinking, but can bring beautiful melody-lines, parts-layers analysis, slur-breaths, colours, even imagination, musicality and laughs... contributed by the tasting of teachers and students together 'like for poems', into our local classrooms and life. Though sweating, happy! Those etudes, collected from piano-masters, were flowers in a tree blooming in my growth-stages. Hopefully, they can give us something and more people will like... Thanks again! Yours always Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 08:04, 20 February 2019 (UTC)

Portal:Green Sleeves (Impressionist Visualization)Edit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your Portal:Green Sleeves (Impressionist Visualization) appears well-developed, enjoyable to listen to and ready for learners! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 20:29, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Reply: Yes, Yes, Marshallsumter, I would love to, very much!. It's a big honor & reward of my own heart. Again, you touched there... You knew, for many years' working in this portal, so many 'Beloved UK Impressions' (some happy moments, some colours, some textures, some 'Pure fashions', some 'Expressive shadings' some respects, and some regretful backwards...) in the reality of my oversea study, virtually online or in a much longer memory, have already been inputted. So many people and landscapes... when I closed my eyes... are still alive and fresh, there! Hopefully, they are always fine, currently and in future; further hopefully, they can understand 'An always Jason's heart'... Thanks, again, thanks to the 'Main Page News'! Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 02:29, 26 March 2019 (UTC)

Portal:Piano-kids' Corner from classroom and virtually onlineEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your students' recital Portal:Piano-kids' Corner from classroom and virtually online appears well-developed, enjoyable to listen to, and ready for learners, also the video was great! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 17:06, 10 April 2019 (UTC) Reply: Of course, dear Marshallsumter, tears almost out again ... You know, this behaviour will make many 'Piano-kids' and their families - smaller or bigger (including me) - feel happy, evenly jump out higher. Those students, depending on their natures, potentials, interests and loves, everyday need to take full-time schooling, meanwhile, 'sponge' out their free time working in piano tasks. Piano, sometimes, can be called 'Another Peer' living in heart-sea whom you can talk and show the true heart (since my childhood)... All my recording files are from students' true performances (Live situations without choices to modify) in classrooms. Though our conditions are limited (I tried hard to provide), you knew, how exciting a student was when I said his or her certain melody can meet some higher standards of both classroom recording of piano and the basic knowledge background in Wiki-family to submit! There were many times' 'attempts' - several weeks or even months (including mine) that finally, sweats out and a piece of sound got out (usually his or her excellent levels of one melody), which made all of us satisfied... Your support can also bring 'HOPE' to my teaching ways.You know, from the first student... many years and many memories. About Video... it's also my 'new try'. In piano classroom, ears usually tell us too many things without disturbs, then, words-interpretations follows for heart-recognitions and guides of future... Video usually must be the greatest a person can try out of one, then... I might be a little bit severe cause I didn't think I was a handsome boy... However, future, I would try more for learners... Finally, in a larger scope, Marshallsumter: You know, nowadays, traditional family-based teaching & learning ways of classical piano, since Vienna School (family based, small home-liked classroom, face-to-face, heart-to-hand and generation-by-generation) got less and less... It is something, like Intangible Cultural Heritage (Wikipedia introduction:, especially as time's going-on. Hopefully, our writing, pushing-out, technologies and internet can help more teachers, kids and their families to understand more, who love music and piano.Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 10:06, 16 April 2019 (UTC)

Portal:Blues & Jazz learnt for fun and a fast brainEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your Portal:Blues & Jazz learnt for fun and a fast brain appears to be well-developed and ready for learners and listeners! Would you like to have it announced on our Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 15:53, 23 July 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the notice of the up-pushing of my Jazz&Blues portal learnt and researched from piano educational platformEdit

It's a sudden idea having learnt and researched out some Jazz&Blues melodies from classical piano's views. I need to thanks to my mentor Ray and peers' accompanyments in Goldsmith college of London unversity on Futurelearn platform... so many beautiful memories are still kept in my heart and recorded tastes - never disappeared... Without them, I cannot melt my Eastern pentatonic approach and Chinese style elements into creations, such as panda's washing dances and Mountain-rivers painting impressions... I didn't know whether or not Lord would give me more inspirations... You knew, my major is piano performance and teaching, rather than compositions or improvisation... I found if so great as before... It's hard... However, if so, I will cherish it and play out more for listeners... All in all, another time, M, your news touched a most soft field of my heart... especially when a little bit disordered the situation would be... Thanks again... Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 14:35, 24 July 2019 (UTC)

Mobile-editing Era of Wiki is comingEdit

Recent days... I found a tendency of Wiki-education - Mobile-editing era is coming... Smart-mobile is popularizing among more and more people...your family members and friends all day... I had to suite this tendency of my wiki-writing and wiki-editing. At the beginning, I found it's much harder and slower... You need to keep your reasonability and Wiki-structure (forms), and also need to check your grammar and spelling, meanwhile... You knew, the screen of common mobile is smaller than the computer, and the operations on computer is easier... From schools to university, what technologies we learnt usually are on computers... However, as a common teacher to new time, I thought I should positively face the new challenge and try to settle myself in well... I need to switch some techniques on computers to mobile-editing... to see a larger view in more corners of a beautiful world...

Doorway of a new digital Fairy Tales World

At least, it's a small computer... Then, try to practice more...and hopefully, your piano-hands are still fun, Jason! 😊 Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 00:13, 16 August 2019 (UTC)

Portal:Pentatonic Impressionism (China Wu Sheng) in the view of Neo-classical Piano Techniques-trainingEdit

Hi Jason M. C., Han!

Your piano training resource Portal:Pentatonic Impressionism (China Wu Sheng) in the view of Neo-classical Piano Techniques-training appears well-developed and ready for learners! Would you like to have it announced on out Main Page News? --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 14:33, 21 August 2019 (UTC)

Reply: Great news,Marshallsumter...Yes, you can! Every time, you can touch the very important and most softness-part of my piano heart. Now, it's still a constructing portal. This educational portal is to remind our piano learners, especial some from Eastern part of the world and some who have the great interest in piano naturalism - 'how important the tradition is, and how the nature is...' The creativity of this practical portal is: I applied ' The theory of twelve-tone temperament' into the re-editions of Pentatonic scales (pieces); and further, modern piano's sound effect including the pedalling, with a series of beautiful hand(wrists) actions accordingly, would make the learning procedure a reakly enjoyable thing in manners...especially in the nowadays noise environment...I hope so... Again, thanks, you understand my heart, let us learn more together Jason M. C., Han (discusscontribs) 12:03, 23 August 2019 (UTC)