Welcome to Wikiversity. I think we need to start getting serious about reviewing and sorting learning resources. --JWSchmidt 02:05, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

OER, Wlogs, etcEdit

Hi Enric! I had another look through your Wlog, and it's very interesting. On the basis of your work, I'd like to discuss with you what's possible in the context of Wikiversity - what extensions etc might be useful for various scenarios. (For example, I've asked before on the Colloquium about the slideshow extension - is it easy enough to install/manage?) Some pages that I'm trying to work on at the moment are Wikiversity:Technical needs and Making Wikiversity a personal learning space. I'm also trying to see how I can revitalise my own blog/wiki - the blog skin I'm using is rubbish - and some of your ideas seem really nifty (like the bibliography - I'd be keen to explore what's possible there). We can have this discussion here, or we could try to form a learning project about Wikiversity, perhaps around themes in the above pages... Cormaggio talk 11:34, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

Hi Cormac! It could be a good idea to do it as you say, also because that can fit too in the assignments of the course for this week :) All of what I've implemented in the Wlog is based on the work of different developers of MediaWiki that I found in the project page, which I detailed here. What right now I think can be maybe useful in terms of learning activity (or lets say "cognitive learning processes") could be to implement the possibility of uploading FreeMind maps (although there is no possibility yet of editing them online) where learners can try to show the herarchycal relations they have found between concepts; the use of the slideshow extension, as you mention, for similar purpouses (although you need to upload images first and the jump from one slide to another, that takes big time and can be a quite tedious wiki-editting task); the BibWiki extension for compiling bibliography in a proper academic way; and (maybe, and that wouldn't need any technical implementation) the use of the tool 6 degrees of Wikipedia (that seems to be out of service at the moment) for finding paths of relations between theories, people, events, and any other ROI that needs then to be explained and justified by the learner as maybe another type of activity. What do you think? I agree with you this can maybe discussed in a better place like Wikiversity:Technical needs or Making Wikiversity a personal learning space, I'm still not familiar with these pages but I'll take a look and see where to place some of this so maybe we can discuss it there with other people. --Esenabre 10:39, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Spanish teachingEdit

Hello and welcome to Spanish. Hope that you will stay longer with us. Recently I have realised that current design of the courses is a mess. So it would be better to give them better if students will reply on their user pages (e.g. User:Esenabre/Spanish.

Welcome, and great to see you again!Edit

Enric! It's great to see you here - it's been far too long since we last talked. I did travel around Asia for about 3 months (the Philippines and China) and am working at a startup in New York until April, when I become a vagabond of sorts again (running conferences across the country before settling down to run the OLPC Chicago grassroots office until fall). Hopefully I'll get to go to Wikimania again this year... it's mostly a question of whether I can afford it, but if I can find the money I will definitely be there. Glad to see somebody else is reading Sociology right now, too. :) Mchua 18:24, 25 March 2008 (UTC)


Hi again, Enric! It's been a while! I think it's a great idea to develop your research on Wikiversity. I presume you were going to invite people to make comments on the similarities between FOSS and WMF projects? Wouldn't it also be an idea to leave room for discussion of contrasts? With regards to where to put it, I don't think you need to put it in your user space (though you are free to do so if you like) - it would be fine as a stand-alone project, appropriately explained and categorised. All the best with it - talk soon. (By the way, I don't frequent Wikiversity as much as I used to, or as I'd like to - so if you want timely feedback, it might be an idea to contact me or point me in the right direction via email.) Cormaggio talk 15:33, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Great you are starting resourcesEdit

But I noticed that you created Template:VotingHypotesis. Of course, template names can be arbitrary, but they should be easy to remember, and having a misspelled word in the name isn't easy to remember, I'd think. I'm not sure why you gave it this name, but I did fix it. Why is this a "hypothesis." Or "hypotesis," whatever that is? Why not "Comment suggestions" or "Suggestions for comment form."

This template says "I would appreciate," but it's presented otherwise as if it were boilerplate....) --Abd 16:35, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

Thank you very much. I agree is better like this (and now reusable :) I just didn't create it with enough vision I suppose --Esenabre 16:48, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

I have changed the template to encourage evaluation instead of validation. I also removed the suggestion that people add their email address. People tend to remove and deletion revisions of pages containing email addresses as it is considered a form of personal information. I kept the part about including your name and expanded on it to mention this helps to know what name to refer you by. -- darklama  17:33, 19 January 2011 (UTC)