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Joined 6 January 2007

MichaelBillingtonBot was a bot run by Michael Billington to generate RSS feeds for Wikiversity learning blogs.

An example blog (and RSS feed for it) to demonstrate what it did can be found here. A list of RSS feeds which the bot bot maintained is located at /Feeds

If you see the bot playing up, please block it and inform me of the problem. If all you see is a bug (which isn't anything that you'd block the bot for) then just leave a note and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

How to set up the bot to make an RSS feed of your Wikiversity blogEdit

The bot makes a feed for every page with {{Rssbot}} on it. Here is an example use of the template:

|title       = Mr Foo's Wikiversity Blog
|description = A Wikiversity Blog

Both fields are optional, but it's best you set them. Other fields are language (default is 'en', shouldn't really need to be changed) and reverse (which takes the newest items from the bottom, for talk pages rather than blogs - set this to 'true' to use this feature)