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User:Leighblackall/Making a multi media presentation

Shadow puppets are a traditional form of communication in Indonesia. Might this be a resourceful way to make video?

Video recording of this instruction - appologies for the connection dropping out toward the end, but the bulk of it is captured.

This handout was originally compiled to assist Susan Chong and Sabrina Gupta in supporting people to complete an assignment in Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing.

Multimedia presentations combine text, imagery, sound and graphics to communicate messages. These days, many people publish their presentations online, through any number of so-called social networking webservices. Popular presentation publishing platforms include Youtube, Slideshare and Google Drive.

If you follow these instructions you will end up with a published slide presentation on Google Drive and a copy of that presentation as a video on Youtube.



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  1. Once you've decided on your topic, and have some idea of what and how you will communicate it, open Google Presentation and start sketching out your idea on slides (Google Presentation is just like Powerpoint or other slide presentation software). Avoid spending time on graphics at this stage, focus on the key words and sequence. Once you have resolved your slides and their order, check that it will remain within the allocated time-frame when presented.
  2. Now start collecting free images to either illustrate your points or artistically enhance them. You're best to collect images that permit copying and reuse. Wikimedia Commons is a large collection of media with copyright licenses that permit copying and republishing. Make sure you select images orientated to landscape, and consider the benefit of images that serve as a full background to your slides. Always credit your sources with a link. If you use media licensed Creative Commons, you are likely obliged to license your presentation similarly.
  3. Once you have finished graphic and/or artistic enhancements to your slides, It's time to export them from Google so you can add audio and make a video. You can publish your presentation to the web straight out from Google, but we want to create a video with audio and post it to Youtube.
You can create video from slides in several different ways, from recording a full blown video dramatisation with people - where you use the slides merely as a script for your actors, through to a simple screen recorded presentation - where you speak over them. We're going to go simple, and use Hangouts on Air to record a presentation of the slides. Hangouts on Air broadcasts your presentation live to Youtube, and then leaves a recording on your Youtube page.
In Hangouts there is a Screenshare button, and with this turned on, you will share your screen (your presentation) through to the recorded video.
After broadcasting your presentation, it's time to review the recording on Youtube.
Youtube has an online editor where you can make basic edits and add titles. If you make edits, you will publish a second version of the video. Make sure you give your video a good title, description and keywords, this is to associate your video with others like yours. Consider using a unique keyword such as your subject code. Remember, copyright your video as Creative Commons.

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