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User:Leighblackall/Dehumanise, transhumanise, rehumanise

Video recording of presentation
Slides for presentation to eLearning Korea 2017


The organisers of eLearning Korea 2017 have invited me to give a talk on the future of education and educational technology. The conference has a curious byline “a happy encounter with new technology”, and it's to this byline I target the presentation.

I aim to acknowledge the unhappiness created by technology and propose humanism to ward off technocratic tyranny and to discover what technological happiness might be.

I hope my proposition is clear - that for there to be a happy encounter with technology, we need to re-orientate ourselves to humanist perspectives. Those perspectives can be found in history, philosophy, ethics, anthropology, theory, art, storytelling, questioning, criticism and debate. Sensitivity to humanism needs to be nurtured, the ember that might make a flame seems at risk of being extinguished.

It is with humility and hope that I offer this idea to the eLearning Korea 2017 Conference.

Please play this video as background: The Mother of All Demos Douglas Engelbart Et al 1968

Full text on Google Docs


"That said, I would suggest that a humanist critique of technology entails a preference for technology that:
  • (1) operates at a humane scale,
  • (2) works toward humane ends,
  • (3) allows for the fullest possible flourishing of a person’s capabilities,
  • (4) does not obfuscate moral responsibility, and
  • (5) acknowledges certain limitations to what we might quaintly call the human condition.