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User:Atcovi/11.20.2017 French Notes on Culture

pg. 43Edit

Some places teenagers go to in order to satisfy their hunger and thirst are:

  • bakery (une boulangerie)
  • pastry shop (une pâtisserie) - buy croissants, éclairs, etc.
  • Street vendors - Pizzas, hot dogs, ice cream, crêpes.
  • Fast-Food restaurant (un fast-food).

But the most common place that teens go to is the café.

pg. 44Edit

Sec 1Edit

  • Pierre: Are you hungry?
  • Nathalie: Yes, I'm hungry.
  • Pierre: Would you like a sandwich or a pizza?
  • Nathalie: Donne-moi une pizza, s'il te plait.
  • Pierre: Here it is!
  • Nathalie: Thanks.

Sec 2Edit

  • Pierre: And you, Phillipe, are you hungry?
  • Philippe: [exciting phrase in French], yes, I'm hungry.
  • Pierre: What would you like? A sandwich or a pizza?
  • Phillipe: I would like a sandwich.. and... I would like a pizza as well.
  • Pierre: Is it really? You really are hungry!

pg. 45Edit

  • French teens eat their meals at home
  • Weekends/after school with friends - Go to restaurant/cafe.
  • Fast-food restaurants: Similar foods as Americans order, like hot dogs and pizza.
  • Cafe... teenagers might order a croissant, a sandwich, or a dish of ice cream. Favorite sandwiches: ham (un sandwich au jambon), Swiss cheese (un sandwich au fromage), or salami (un sandwich au saucisson). All made with French-made bread.
  • Traditional quick cafe food: Small steak with French fries (un steak-frites).