Theatre/Musical Direction/Introduction

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Introduction- Why?- The Immortal Question Answered Edit

As a Musical Director for numerous Musical Theatre companies and productions, I have often attempted to research into techniques, tactics, and knowledge on the subject of Musical Directing in Musical Theatre. Of course, this being a very specific field, there is little useful knowledge around. This is partly because of it being a very specific field, as fore-mentioned, but this lack of educational resources for Musical Theatre Music Directors (we'll refer to them as MD's) may also be caused by the wide range of knowledge needed to MD (musically direct) a full-throttle, leg-kickin' musical. The MD must be fluent in not only Musical knowledge (reading the score, interpreting the score, etc.) but also in the theatrical aspect. In fact, many MDs have been actors/actresses at one point or another, or have worked as Directors or Assistant Directors of theatrical productions. This cannot be stressed enough. A familiarity in theatre is completely necesarry in order to succeed as an MD in musical theatre.
This course will attempt to train MDs in Musical Theatre with all the knowledge needed. However, some basic knowledge is needed before the start of this course. You must be fluent in basic music theory, and must be able to, at the least, play notes on the piano. You also should have general theatre experience, however this is not required.
Most of all.. HAVE FUN! This course is intended to be fun and exciting!

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