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Welcome to SchoolsONE. We are hosting our courses and educational resources with Wikiversity, because we believe in the power of open content and learning.


As an organization, we have a core set of organizational values. These are values that will not be compromised, and the organization will strive to ensure these values are shared and practiced by

All Humans are Created Equal

While every person is unique in the totality of their DNA, upbringing, skills, knowledge, and beliefs, and with different measures in different contexts, will be greater or lesser than each other; we none-the-less recognize that the inherent worth of each human is the same, and each person has the potential within them to have a fulfilling life and contribute to the world.

Evidence-Based Beliefs

Truth should be determined by evidence as generally practiced using scientific methods.


While there may be times when utilitarian ethics are appropriate; as much as possible we should behave in an inherently ethical manner, striving to live a virtuous life, and to be honest with ourselves and others.

Improving the World

While it is appropriate and important to take actions that helps oneself, one’s family, and one’s friends; these should not have a negative impact on the world, and we must strive to take actions that lead to the ultimate benefit of the world.

Learning is Paramount

While there is often benefit to being “taught”, and there is value to earning “a piece of paper” such as a diploma, degree, etc. We do not confuse the proxy of the piece of paper, nor what a teacher shares with students, nor even the assessment of a student with what is actually learned. Yet, we also know that these proxies can have value, and that we have no choice in using proxies to understand what someone has learned. But recognizing the limitation of knowledge that we have of other’s knowledge, we endeavor to be as careful as possible in our judgement of what has been learned and the value it has to students.

Legal Structure

As a matter of transparency and legalities, the following provides information about the legal structure of SchoolsONE.

No Official Affiliation with WikiMedia

SchoolsONE has no official affiliation with WikiMedia, other than how SchoolsONE openly shares its content through WikiMedia sites, following the WikiMedia Terms of Use and content licensing.

Sole Proprietorship

SchoolsONE and the individual SchoolsONE educational institutions are currently solely owned by Jacob J. Walker, and he retains the trademark to each of these.

But, to be clear, SchoolsONE is a social entrepreneurial venture, which endeavors to only make profit in so much as it acts in lieu of wages for Jacob. At its current stage of development, it is more agile, and has less overhead using this form of legal structure, but as the organization matures, it is planned to transform into a 501(c)(3) California Public Benefit Corporation.


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