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Digital Electronics LabEdit

The Digital Electronics Lab, is where we collect the projects that are based on GreySmith Models that are meant to become digital circuits.

Currently there is one project pending and that is the implicit memory project based on CAM technology. A simple CAM cell can be implemented as a Static Memory Cell, and a NotXOR Gate. A Static memory cell can be implemented as two flip flops in series.

The current implementation is of a 4 bit CAM with a Satisfycing Gate that triggers when two or more of the CAM cells in the 4 bit array are matched on the match line. The circuit has been proven to work, but is currently waiting for some defective chips to be replaced. The chips were overstressed while the circuit was partially built but not yet completed, and the inputs were not properly electrically attached. Of interest is how to carry an analog frequency, or digital equivalent on the output line, so that it can be used to partition the circuit at a later point without overstressing the receiving chips. a driver/filter circuit might be required.