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The Charity Souper ComputerEdit

The idea of the Charity Souper Computer is to build a supercomputer from donated heterogeneous components based loosely on the Linux Cluster Technology.

Currently we are considering a 2-4 node cluster, based on 3.0Gigahertz Intel D Processors running a 400Mhz FSB. The cluster will be built on a computer lab at CMHA Edmonton Region by the Peer-led Computer Club. It will at first operate only part-time, while we get used to the technology, and look for a more permanent home for it. Of interest is the availability of power, and a cool, but dry environment for the clusters to operate in.

Currently we are looking at both Ubuntu, and ROCKS as platforms, but GreySmith Institute is more interested in ROCKS, if only because it is compatible with a wider range of software for clustering and evaluation of the systems.

Because at least two Universities support the ROCKS cluster, and it is funded by NSF, it has a hope of being more current yet still better integrated than the normal adhoc Linux environment such as that of Ubuntu has a hope of being. Among other things we want to consider the potential for integration using the Scala Language for scalable software design.