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Tutorials and Slide-Shows


The GreySmith Institute is a large structure, and many new members have commented that it is easy to get lost in the corridors. To help you with navigation through this structure a series of Familiarization Tutorials have been created, that will make it easier to understand the infrastructure. Bear with us, as we attempt to fine tune them for your greatest access.

Warning: This page is under construction, any red ink indicates where construction is ongoing.

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Familiarization Tutorial Part 1: Neuropsychology School slides

The first attempt at a familiarization Tutorial, limited so far to the Neuropschology School

Familiarization Tutorial Part 2: Computer Science School

The Second Installment on a Familiarization Tutorial for the Institute, Note that this version is 226 pages long, I think I need to break it down into more manageable chunks.

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Theoretical Tutorials

This menu item leads to a menu of tutorials about the hypotheses on which GreySmith Institute bases its research. Included are the GreySmith Memory Model, the GreySmith Mind Model, and a tenative cognitive architecture for the GreySmith Virtual Architecture, The GreySmith Institutes proprietary Artificial Consciousness.

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The Repository is a storage place for papers during development, and after publishing refusal. Papers for which copyright has been sold will be deleted as soon as possible once we are informed of the change in status.


The library will contain e-prints and directories that are either public domain, or purchased specifically to be released under the WikiVersity GFDL license


The Neuropsyche Forum is a place where psychologists, Neural Scientists, and Neural Modeling professionals can gather to discuss each others work, and topics in general


The AC Forum is where members from both schools get together to discuss each others work, and how the schools can work together to achieve the best results.

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