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Artificial Consciousness Repository

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Warning: WikiVersity has a Licensing Policy, that requires that all works posted to it, be licensed either under GDFL or CC-By-SA 3.0. (They plan to convert from GDFL to CC-By-SA 3.0 by Aug of 2009) Anything published under these licenses, cannot revert to a proprietary or exclusive license, which means that as far as some journals are concerned anything deposited in the repository will automatically be deemed published and therefore will not be accepted for print. We recommend that you not publish your end-articles on here, or any sensitive research that you want to keep for your own personal gains.

Another aspect of storing your papers on this server, is that it is accessible world round by English speaking people, some of whom have completely different cultures, and may not realize that you have a copyleft (similar to a copyright but allows others to make use of your work in ways you hadn't anticipated) on this work.

Please do not post anything here, that you do not have at least a partial ownership of.

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