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GreySmith Institute of Advanced Studies


The GreySmith Institute is an online research portal for scientists at all levels. It is especially designed for scientists-in-training and amateurs, including those who have not previously published.

While the activities at the Institute are not limited to any specific topic, the Institute's current project is the development of an independent voice in Artificial Consciousness theory.

Welcome: I hope you will enjoy working with me on this project! You and I are just the people to be doing it. Contact me at The Institutes Official User Page

Artificial Consciousness Project

Familiarization Tutorials Page

Mission: To build an Independent Voice in Artificial Consciousness

The following links are a suggested infrastructure for researching Artificial Consciousness and are open for discussion on AC FORUM

Warning: this page is under construction

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Neuropsychology   Computer Science   Curriculum

The Computer Science School of the GreySmith Institute is responsible for developing theoretical and practical computer models, languages, and tests for evaluating other consciousness programs

The Division Structure is only used to organize responsibilites and research topics, members are allowed to wander between schools and divisions at will. All we ask is that you stay within topic when you are attaching your research to this framework, and that you follow WikiVersity's rules.

Languages Division

The Languages Division is responsible for development of languages that can be used by the other Divisions and departments

Modeling (Phenomenal) Division

The responsibility for the modeling division is to create computer models of Psychological or Neuroscience theoretical models, so that experiments can be done to see how well these models meet the requirements of describing the brains function

Functional and Hybrid Division

The Functinoal and Hybrid Division of the Computer Science School is responsible for developing simulations based on the Functional and Hybrid school theories

Evaluation Division

The responsibility of the Evaluation Division is to Evaluate existing computer models of consciousness and develop tests to determine if they are conscious or not

Cognitive Architectures Division

The Cognitive Architectures Division of the Computer Science School, is responsible for Evaluating Cognitive Architectures and in the case of GreySmith Virtual Architecture to Develop it.

Research and Development Division

The Responsibility of the Research and Development Division is to research possible architectures for Artificially Conscious machines using knowledge gained from the other divisions and departments, and develop them into working software

It is noted that at some point this development will stop being theoretical and start requiring investment, and that facilities outside WikiVersity might be needed at that time.


The Repository is a storage place for papers during development, and after publishing refusal. Papers for which copyright has been sold will be deleted as soon as possible once we are informed of the change in status.


The library will contain e-prints and directories that are either public domain, or purchased specifically to be released under the WikiVersity GFDL license


The CompSci Forum is where members from the Computer Science Division can get together to discuss issues related to computer science.


The AC Forum is where members from both schools get together to discuss each others work, and how the schools can work together to achieve the best results.

--19:57, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

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