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Neuro-Modeling Division


The Neuro-Modeling Division of the Neuropsychology school of the GreySmith Institute, is responsible for discussing and planning which models of neurological function to request from the Computer Science School, and to evaluate those models and give feedback to the Computer Science School so that the models can be improved.

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Neural Models   Protocols   Results

Neural and Neural Network Models

The Neural and Neural Network Models subdivision is responsible for suggesting the characteristics of neural models and Neural Network models for simulation by the Computing Science School

Group and Heterogeneous Group Models

The Group and Heterogenous Group Subdivision is responsible for the suggestion of group and heterogeneous group model design by the Computing Science School, and their evaluation

Organic Neural Models

The Organic Neural Models subdivision is responsible for suggesting designs for and evaluation of Organ Models created by the Computer Science School for their psychological Impact

Inter-Organ Models

The Inter-Organ Models subdivision is responsible for suggesting designs for, and evaluating models of how organs work together that are created by the computer science school

High Integration Models

The high integration models subdivision is responsible for suggesting the design of and for evaluation of models involving multiple organs such as artificial consciousness models or whole brain models


The Repository is a storage place for papers during development, and after publishing refusal. Papers for which copyright has been sold will be deleted as soon as possible once we are informed of the change in status.


The library will contain e-prints and directories that are either public domain, or purchased specifically to be released under the WikiVersity GFDL license


The Neuropsyche Forum is a place where psychologists, Neural Scientists, and Neural Modeling professionals can gather to discuss each others work, and topics in general


The AC Forum is where members from both schools get together to discuss each others work, and how the schools can work together to achieve the best results.

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