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Histo-Psychology Division


The Histo-Psychology Division is responsible for researching the Histological or Tissue roots of Psychology

05:30, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Histological Models   Functional Models   Psychological Model

Staining Studies Subdivision

The Staining Studies Subdivision of the histo psychology division, is responsible for finding useful staining studies available and recommending them for use.
Architectonic Boundaries

The Architectonic Boundaries Subdivision of the Histo Psychology Division is responsible for finding the boundaries where the Architectonic characteristics change noticeably between one area of Tissue and another.

Connectonics of Architectonically separate areas

The Connectonics of Architectonically separate areas Subdivision of the Histo psychology Division, is responsible for determining how the architectonically separate areas connect to other areas in the brain.
Tissue Modeling

The Tissue Modelling Subdivision of the Histo-Psychology Division, is responsible for modelling tissues in each architectonically separate area to determine what that area might be doing.
Model Chaining

The Model Chaining Subdivision of the Histo-psychology Division, is responsible for chaining models of Archtectonically separate areas, to form larger models that describe areas consisting of multiple Architectonically separate areas, and even larger models, until the chained models either connect to existing psychological models or challenge them.


The Repository is a storage place for papers during development, and after publishing refusal. Papers for which copyright has been sold will be deleted as soon as possible once we are informed of the change in status.


The library will contain e-prints and directories that are either public domain, or purchased specifically to be released under the WikiVersity GFDL license


The Neuropsyche Forum is a place where psychologists, Neural Scientists, and Neural Modeling professionals can gather to discuss each others work, and topics in general


The AC Forum is where members from both schools get together to discuss each others work, and how the schools can work together to achieve the best results.