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GreySmith Institute Campus Map

Familiarization Tutorials

Divisional Listing

NeuroPsychology SchoolEdit

Psychology DivisionEdit

Theories SubdivisionEdit

Philosophical Theories subdivisionEdit

Theories DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Theory ProjectEdit
Qualia Theory ProjectEdit
Materialism V.S. Dualism ProjectEdit
Hard Problem ProjectEdit
Computational SufficiencyEdit
Protocols DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Protocol ProjectEdit
Qualia Protocol ProjectEdit
Materialism V.S. Dualism Protocol ProjectEdit
Hard Problem Protocol ProjectEdit
Computational Sufficiency Protocol ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Evaluation ProjectEdit
Qualia Evaluation ProjectEdit
Materialism V.S. Dualism Evaluation ProjectEdit
Hard Problem Evaluation ProjectEdit
Computational Sufficiency Evaluation ProjectEdit

Historical Theories subdivisionEdit

Ancient Theories DepartmentEdit
Hydraulic Theory ProjectEdit
Alternate Location ProjectEdit
Humunculus Theory ProjectEdit
Dualism Theory of Mind ProjectEdit
Cartesian Theater ProjectEdit
Early Theories DepartmentEdit
Freud's Theories ProjectEdit
William James Theories Project =Edit
Jung's Theory of Mind ProjectEdit
Functional Theories ProjectEdit
Behavioral Theories ProjectEdit
Recent Theories DepartmentEdit
Computational Theory of Mind ProjectEdit
Early theories of Cognition ProjectEdit
Production System Theory ProjectEdit
Artificial Intelligence Theory ProjectEdit

New Theories subdivisionEdit

Theories DepartmentEdit
New Attention Theories ProjectEdit
New Memory Theories ProjectEdit
New Consciousness Theories ProjectEdit
Protocols DepartmentEdit
New Attention Protocols ProjectEdit
New Memory Protocols ProjectEdit
New Consciousness Protocols ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
New Attention EvaluationsEdit
New Memory EvaluationsEdit
New Consciousness EvaluationsEdit

Neurological Theories subdivisionEdit

Theories DepartmentEdit
Connectionist Theories ProjectEdit
Selectionist Theories ProjectEdit
Center Surround Theories ProjectEdit
Basic TNGS Theories ProjectEdit
Differential Selection Theories ProjectEdit
Protocols DepartmentEdit
Connectionist Protocols ProjectEdit
Selectionist Protocols ProjectEdit
Center Surround Protocols ProjectEdit
Basic TNGS Protocols ProjectEdit
Differential Selection Protocols ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Connectionist Evaluations ProjectEdit
Selectionist Evaluations ProjectEdit
Center Surround Evaluations ProjectEdit
Basic TNGS Evaluations ProjectEdit
Differential Selection Evaluations ProjectEdit

Technological Theories subdivisionEdit

Theories DepartmentEdit
Historical Mechanistic Theories ProjectEdit

A History of Mechanistic Theories

A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness ProjectEdit
A Biological Theory of Consciousness ProjectEdit
Protocols DepartmentEdit
Historical Mechanistic Theories Protocols ProjectEdit
A Cognitive Theory of Consciuosness Protocols ProjectEdit
A Biological Theory of Consciousness Protocols ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Historical Mechanistic Theories Evaluation ProjectEdit
A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness Evaluation ProjectEdit
A Biological Theory of Consciousness Evaluation ProjectEdit

Religious Theories subdivisionEdit

Theories DepartmentEdit
Christian Theories ProjectEdit
Islamic Theories ProjectEdit
Buddhist Theories ProjectEdit
Protocols DepartmentEdit
Christian Theories Protocols ProjectEdit
Islamic Theories Protocols ProjectEdit
Buddhist Theories Protocols ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Christian Theories Evaluation ProjectEdit
Islamic Theories Evaluation ProjectEdit
Buddhist Theories Evaluation ProjectEdit

Protocols SubdivisionEdit

Dissociation Protocols subdivisionEdit

Statistical Protocols subdivisionEdit

Stochiastic Protocols subdivisionEdit

Threshold Protocols subdivisionEdit

New Protocols subdivisionEdit

Results SubdivisionEdit

Dissociative Results subdivisionEdit

Statistical Results subdivisionEdit

Stochiastic Results subdivisionEdit

Threshold Results subdivisionEdit

New Protocol Results subdivisionEdit

Neuro Modeling DivisionEdit

Neural Models SubdivisionEdit

Neural and Neural Network Models subdivisionEdit

Synaptic Models DepartmentEdit
Hebbian Synapse Model ProjectEdit
Taggable Synapse Model ProjectEdit
BMC Synapse Model ProjectEdit
STDP Synapse Model ProjectEdit
Complex Synapse Model ProjectEdit
Neuron Models DepartmentEdit
Hebbian Neural Model ProjectEdit
Hopfield Neural Model ProjectEdit
HH Neural Model ProjectEdit
Short/Long Term Neural Model ProjectEdit
Inheritable Phylogeny Neural Model ProjectEdit
Parallel Trace Neural Model ProjectEdit
Network Models DepartmentEdit
Single Layer Models ProjectEdit
Inheritable Phylogeny Layer Models ProjectEdit
Hidden Layer Models ProjectEdit

Group and Heterogeneous Group Models subdivisionEdit

Group Models DepartmentEdit
Simple Multi-Layer Model ProjectEdit
Inhibitive Multi-Layer Model ProjectEdit
Inheritable Phylogeny Homogeneous Group Model ProjectEdit
Heterogeneous Group Models ProjectEdit
Inherited Phylogeny Heterogeneous Group Models ProjectEdit
Specific Phylogeny Heterogeneous Group Models ProjectEdit
Columnar Models DepartmentEdit
6th Layer Column Models ProjectEdit
5th Layer Mini-Column Models ProjectEdit

Organic Models subdivisionEdit

Organic Neural Model DepartmentEdit
Marr's Theory of Cerebral Cortex ProjectEdit
Column Theory of Center Surround ProjectEdit
GreySmith Theory of Thalamus ProjectEdit
LaBerge Triangular Theory of Attention ProjectEdit
LaBerge Apical Dendrite Theory ProjectEdit
GreySmith Theory of Focus ProjectEdit
GreySmith Theory of Cerebral Cortex ProjectEdit
BBD Models DepartmentEdit
Cerebral Cortex BBD Models ProjectEdit
Prefrontal Cortex BBD Models ProjectEdit
Nucleus Accumbens BBD Models ProjectEdit
Thalamus BBD Models ProjectEdit
Basal Ganglia BBD Models ProjectEdit
Nucleus Reticularis Thalami BBD Models ProjectEdit
Psychology Impacts DepartmentEdit
Impacts of Cerebral Cortex Model on Psychology ProjectEdit
Impacts of Prefrontal Cortex Model on Psychology ProjectEdit
Impacts of Nucleus Accumbens Model on Psychology ProjectEdit
Impacts of Thalamus Model on Psychology ProjectEdit
Impacts of Basal Ganglia Model on Psychology ProjectEdit
Impacts of Nucleus Reticularis Thalami on Psychology ProjectEdit

Inter-Organ Models subdivisionEdit

High Integration Models subdivisionEdit

Protocols SubdivisionEdit

Protocols for Neural and Neural Network Models subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Group and Heterogeneous Group Models subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Organic Models subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Inter-Organ Models subdivisionEdit

Protocols for High Integration Models subdivisionEdit

Results SubdivisionEdit

Results from Neural and Neural Network Models subdivisionEdit

Results from Group and Heterogeneous Group Models subdivisionEdit

Results from Organic Models subdivisionEdit

Results from Inter-Organ Models subdivisionEdit

Results from High Integration Models subdivisionEdit

Neuroscience DivisionEdit

Neural Correlates SubdivisionEdit

Correlates to Philosophy subdivisionEdit

Philosophical Theories DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Problem Theories ProjectEdit
Qualia Theories ProjectEdit
Materialism vs. Dualism Theories ProjectEdit
Hard Problem Theories ProjectEdit
Correlate Variations DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Correlations ProjectEdit
Qualia Correlations ProjectEdit
Materialism vs. Dualism Correlations ProjectEdit
Hard Problem Correlations ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Mind Body Problem Evaluations ProjectEdit
Qualia Evaluations ProjectEdit
Materialism vs. Dualism Evaluations ProjectEdit
Hard Problem Evaluations ProjectEdit

Historical Correlates subdivisionEdit

New Correlates subdivisionEdit

Psychological Correlates subdivisionEdit

Psychological Theory DepartmentEdit
Attention Theories ProjectEdit
Motivation Theories ProjectEdit
Personality Theories ProjectEdit
Memory Theories ProjectEdit
Self-Agency Theories ProjectEdit
Mind Theories ProjectEdit
Correlate Variations DepartmentEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit

Technological Correlates subdivisionEdit

Religious Correlates subdivisionEdit

Evaluation Protocols SubdivisionEdit

Protocols for Philosophy Correlates subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Historical Correlates subdivisionEdit

Protocols for New Correlates subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Psychological Correlates subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Technological Correlates subdivisionEdit

Protocols for Religious Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results SubdivisionEdit

Results for Philosophical Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results for Historical Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results for New Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results for Psychology Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results for Technological Correlates subdivisionEdit

Results for Religious Correlates subdivisionEdit

Comparative Neuroscience DivisionEdit

Comparative Neuro-Anatomy SubdivisionEdit

Comparative Invertebrate Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Comparative Vertebrate Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Comparative Lizard Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Comparative Bird Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Comparative Mammal Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Comparative Hominid Neuro-Anatomy subdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience SubdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Invertebrates subdivisionEdit

Laboratories DepartmentEdit
Freidman Evolutionary Neuroscience LabEdit
Areas of Study DepartmentEdit
Areas of Study at Freidman LabEdit
Resources and Techniques DepartmentEdit
Resources and Techniques at Freidman LabEdit
Results DepartmentEdit
Results from Research at Freidman LabEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Vertebrates subdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Lizards subdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Birds subdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Mammals subdivisionEdit

Evolutionary Neuroscience of Hominids subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution SubdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in Invertebrates subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in vertebrates subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in Lizards subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in Birds subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in Mammals subdivisionEdit

Brain Evolution in Hominids subdivisionEdit

Computer Science SchoolEdit

Languages DivisionEdit

Languages SubdivisionEdit

Working Languages subdivisionEdit

Languages subdivisionEdit
Java Language DepartmentEdit
C Variants DepartmentEdit
Programming Aids subdivisionEdit
Integrated Design Environments DepartmentEdit
Testing Protocols DepartmentEdit
Programming Styles DepartmentEdit
Java RepositoryEdit
C variants RepositoryEdit

Simulation Languages subdivisionEdit

Representational Languages subdivisionEdit

Redescription Languages subdivisionEdit

Natural Languages subdivisionEdit

Strategies SubdivisionEdit

Strategies for working Languages subdivisionEdit

Strategies for simulation Languages subdivisionEdit

Strategies for Representational Languages subdivisionEdit

Strategies for Redescription Languages subdivisionEdit

Strategies for Natural Languages subdivisionEdit

Results SubdivisionEdit

Results from Working Languages subdivisionEdit

Results from Simulation Languages subdivisionEdit

Results from Representational Languages subdivisionEdit

Results from Redescription Languages subdivisionEdit

Results from Natural Languages subdivisionEdit

Modeling (Phenomenal) DivisionEdit

Models SubdivisionEdit

Neural Networks Models subdivisionEdit

Models DepartmentEdit
Neuron Models ProjectEdit
Network Models ProjectEdit
Simulations Variants DepartmentEdit
Java Neuron ProjectEdit
C Variant Neuron ProjectEdit
Evaluation DepartmentEdit
Neuron Projects EvaluationEdit
Neural Network Projects EvaluationEdit
Final Specifications DepartmentEdit
Preliminary Neuron Specifications ProjectEdit
Preliminary Neural Network Specifications ProjectEdit
Final Neuron Specifications ProjectEdit
Final Neural Network Specifications ProjectEdit

Neural Groups Models subdivisionEdit

Models DepartmentEdit
Center Surround Model ProjectEdit
= Codon Model ProjectEdit
Simulations Variants DepartmentEdit
Java Center Surround ProjectEdit
C Variant Center Surround ProjectEdit
Java Codon ProjectEdit
C Variant Codon ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Final Specifications DepartmentEdit
Center Surround Preliminary Specifications ProjectEdit
Center Surround Final Specifications ProjectEdit
Codon Preliminary Specifications ProjectEdit
Codon Final Specifications ProjectEdit

Brain Based Devices subdivisionEdit

Models DepartmentEdit
Cerebral Cortex BBD ProjectEdit
PreFrontal Cortex BBD ProjectEdit
Nucleus Accumbens BBD ProjectEdit
Thalamus BBD ProjectEdit
Basal Ganglia BBD ProjectEdit
Nucleus Reticularis Thalami BBD ProjectEdit
Simulations DepartmentEdit
Cerebral Cortex Simulations ProjectEdit
PreFrontal Cortex Simulations ProjectEdit
Nucleus Accumbens Simulations ProjectEdit
Thalamus Simulations ProjectEdit
Basal Ganglia Simulations ProjectEdit
Nucleus Reticularis Thalami Simulations ProjectEdit
Evaluations DepartmentEdit
Cerebral Cortex Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Prefrontal Cortex Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Nucleus Accumbens Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Thalamus Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Basal Ganglia Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Nucleus Reticularis Thalami Simulations Evaluation ProjectEdit
Final Specifications DepartmentEdit
Cerebral Cortex Specifications ProjectEdit
PreFrontal Cortex Specifications ProjectEdit
Nucleus Accumbens Specifications ProjectEdit
Thalamus Specifications ProjectEdit
Basal Ganglia Specifications ProjectEdit
Nucleus Reticularis Thalami Specifications ProjectEdit

Integrated BBD's subdivisionEdit

Highly Integrated BBD's subdivisionEdit

Theories SubdivisionEdit

Theories from Neural Networks subdivisionEdit

Theories from Neural Groups subdivisionEdit

Theories from Brain Based Devices subdivisionEdit

Theories from Integrated Brain Based Devices subdivisionEdit

Theories from Highly Integrated Brain Based Devices subdivisionEdit

Implementations SubdivisionEdit

Implementation of Neural Networks subdivisionEdit

Implementation of Neural Groups subdivisionEdit

Implementations of BBDs subdivisionEdit

Implementations of Integrated BBDs subdivisionEdit

Implementations of Highly Integrated BBDs subdivisionEdit

Functional and Hybrid DivisionEdit

Theories SubdivisionEdit

Functional Theories subdivisionEdit

ACT-R Theory subdivisionEdit
Global Workspace Theory subdivisionEdit

Hybrid Theories subdivisionEdit

CLARION Theory subdivisionEdit
GreySmith Virtual Architecture subdivisionEdit

Simultations SubdivisionEdit

Functional Simulations subdivisionEdit

ACT-R SimulationsEdit
Global Workspace Theory subdivisionEdit

Hybrid Simulations subdivisionEdit

CLARION Simulation subdivisionEdit
GreySmith Virtual Architecture subdivisionEdit

Evaluations SubdivisionEdit

Functional Evaluations subdivisionEdit

ACT-R Evaluations subdivisionEdit
Global Workspace Theory Evaluations subdivisionEdit

Hybrid Evaluations subdivisionEdit

CLARION Evaluation subdivisionEdit
GreySmith Virtual Architecture Evaluation subdivisionEdit

Evaluation DivisionEdit

Simulations SubdivisionEdit

Evaluation of Phenomenal SimulationsEdit

Evaluation of Hybrid SimulationsEdit

Evaluation of Proprietary SimulationsEdit

Evaluation of Obscure SimulationsEdit

Evaluation of Non-English SimulationsEdit

Protocols SubdivisionEdit

Protocols for Phenomenal SimulationsEdit

Protocols for Hybrid SimulationsEdit

Protocols for Proprietary SimulationsEdit

Protocols for Obscure SimulationsEdit

Protocols for Non-English SimulationsEdit

Results SubdivisionEdit

Results from Phenomenal SimulationsEdit

Results from Hybrid SimulationsEdit

Results from Proprietary SimulationsEdit

Results from Obscure SimulationsEdit

Results from Non-English SimulationsEdit

Cognitive Architectures DivisionEdit

Phenomenal Architectures SubdivisionEdit

SOARS Cognitive Architecture subdivisionEdit

TNGS Cognitive Architecture subdivisionEdit

Hybrid Architectures SubdivisionEdit

CLARION Cognitive Architecture subdivisionEdit

GreySmith Virtual Architecture subdivisionEdit

Functional Arhcitectures SubdivisionEdit

ACT-R Cognitive Architecture subdivisionEdit

Independent Distribution Agent Cognitive Architecture subdivisionEdit

Research and Development DivisionEdit

Simulations SubdivisionEdit

Neural Network Simulations subdivisionEdit

Group and Heterogeneous Group Simulations subdivisionEdit

Functional Simulations subdivisionEdit

Organ Level BBDs subdivisionEdit

Inter-BBD Simulations subdivisionEdit

High Integration Simulations subdivisionEdit

Variations SubdivisionEdit

Variations on Neural Network Simulations subdivisionEdit

Variations on Group and Heterogeneous Groups Simulationas subdivisionEdit

Variations on Functional Simulations subdivisionEdit

Variations on Organ Level BBD's subdivisionEdit

Variations on Inter-BBDs Simulations subdivisionEdit

Variations on High Integration BBDs simulations subdivisionEdit

Products SubdivisionEdit

Products from Neural Network Simulations subdivisionEdit

Products from Group and Heterogeneous Group Simulations subdivisionEdit

Products from Functional Simulations subdivisionEdit

Products from Organ Level BBDs Simulations subdivisionEdit

Products from Inter-BBD Simulations subdivisionEdit

Products from High Integration Simulations subdivisionEdit

Curriculum DivisionEdit

Neurosciences Curriculum SubdivisionEdit

Phenomenal Consciousness Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Fundamental Phenomenal Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Advanced Phenomenal Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Self-Study Phenomenal Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Functional Consciousness Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Fundamental Functional Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Advanced Functional Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Self-Study Functional Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Hybrid Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Fundamental Hybrid Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Advanced Hybrid Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Self-Study Hybrid Curriculum subdivisionEdit

Computing Sciences CurriculumEdit

General Computer Science CurriculumEdit

Computer Language CurriculumEdit

Computer Algorithm CurriculumEdit

Aids to Programming CurriculumEdit

Advanced Computer Science CurriculumEdit

Simulation Design CurriculumEdit

Virtual Machine Design CurriculumEdit

Compiler/Interpreter Design CurriculumEdit

Artificial Intelligence CurriculumEdit

Self Programming Language CurriculumEdit

Agency Theory CurriculumEdit

Multi-Agent System CurriculumEdit

Artificial Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Primary Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Comparative Neurobiology CurriculumEdit

Mammalian Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Insect Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Reptilian Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Avian Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Theories of Primary Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Higher Order Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Human Consciousness CurriculumEdit

Natural Language CurriculumEdit

Artificial Consciousness Theories CurriculumEdit

Phenomenal Consciousness theoriesEdit

Functional Consciousness TheoriesEdit

Hybrid Consciousness TheoriesEdit

Related Topics Curriculum SubdivisionEdit

Courses subdivisionEdit

Related Sciences DepartmentEdit

Life Sciences Working GroupEdit

Suggestions subdivisionEdit

Evaluations subdivisionEdit

Miscellaneous Topics CurriculumEdit

Courses subdivisionEdit

WikiVersity Development DepartmentEdit

External Schools DepartmentEdit

Suggestions subdivisionEdit

Evaluations subdivisionEdit