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This People's Agenda originated in a brainstorming session on 2016-11-12 in Salina, Kansas, involving 55 people from all over the state. They produced a list of 69 concerns, grouping them under 11 headings: Voter Rights, Immigration, Economic Justice, Health Care, Gender Equity, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Criminal Justice, Environment, Education, and LGBTQIA Rights.

The Category:People's Agenda was created to help organize research relating to these issues, focusing primarily on the subset of the 69 that were agreed upon in a subsequent Salina, Kansas, meeting on 2016-12-10.

This work is placed on Wikiversity to encourage a wide discussion of the issues it raises, moderated by the Wikimedia rules that invite contributors to “be bold but not reckless,” contributing revisions written from a neutral point of view, citing credible sources -- and raising other questions and concerns on the associated '“Discuss”' page.

To do
  • After 2016-12-10, four other issues were added: Anti-Corruption, Infrastructure Investment, Child Protection, and Religious Freedom. The Impact of the Media was also added.
  • As of 2016-12-23, separate pages have yet to be created for Infrastructure Investment, Child Protection, and Religious Freedom; anyone with content to post under those topics is invited to create such articles.

Pages in Category:People's Agenda edit

  1. People's Agenda/Adequate and Equitable Public Education
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  4. People's Agenda/Economic Justice
  5. People's Agenda/Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture
  6. People's Agenda/Gender Equity
  7. People's Agenda/Healthcare Access
  8. People's Agenda/Immigrant Rights
  9. People's Agenda/LGBT Rights
  10. People's Agenda/Media Subsidies
  11. People's Agenda/Racial and Indigenous Rights
  12. People's Agenda/Responsible Gun Policy
  13. People's Agenda/Voting Rights